Indoor Team building works better during winter!!!

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Time has come once again to prepare you for the cold & frosty weather. The time you really don’t want to get out, the laborious task of cleaning the ice off your driveway & waiting for your car engine to heat up!!There is nothing more boring than being at work during the winter. It can be really
dull. Most of the people would be opting to work from home, or might go for a vacation. This disengaged situation may bring down the productivity of your employees. Trying to keep the available workforce motivated is not that tough though.Take employees out of the office and have some indoor team building activities to keep them active, motivated and stress free during this unpleasant weather. I have listed of a few indoor team building places that I can think of in Dallas!!! These are listed in no particular order.

Whirlyball Game: Whirlyball is a crazy indoor where players drive bumper-cars and try to score by passing and shooting a ball with handheld scoops.

Paintball: Corporate Team Building Event with Indoor Paintball fun at Gatsplatwill be an ice breaker for your team with all the excitement of shooting your own boss.

Indoor Ice skating: In Dallas we have a few amazing ice skating centers like Galleria and Americas Ice Gardenwhich offer public skating and sometimes corporate parties too, to explore the cold in a fun way.

Rock Climbing Gyms: Explore the heights without fear and have an excellent workout. Dallas Rocks, Dyno-Rock Climbing center and Canyons Rock climbingoffers special rates for groups.

Top Golf: TopGolf brings a new dimension to practicing golf by providing the ability to score points and to make practicing a competitive and fun experience in an indoor setting.

What team building fun have you planned during this winter?

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