3 ways to retain your engaged workforce!

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I am sure when we talk about employee engagement most of us talk from a broader perspective but fail to address how to impact the bottom line. Some organizations get it wrong when they think money and benefits can cover everything. But they fail to realize there isn’t any one formula that works for your engaged and disengaged work force.

Your engaged workforce are the ones who would be motivated, more accountable and responsible towards what needs to be done to achieve your goals. And sure, you cannot bait them with money. But you can only retain them by providing what they really want. And here they are!

3 ways to retain your engaged workforce.

Clearly explained goals

Employees are more likely to be engaged when they know how their work ties to the bigger picture. Knowing how their work contributes to the organization’s growth makes them more committed and it creates a sense of pride. So when you set goals make sure you provide transparency on how their contribution weaves into the fabric of the organization, what the future looks like and what is expected of them.

Open Communication & Feedback

Encourage an open communication culture in your organization and communicate more often. When any change happens within the organization, make sure you communicate those very clearly to get everybody on the same page. Employees urge more feedback on their performance and would seek ways to improve it. You heard of how employees leave their manager not organization! So get your managers trained to provide realistic and constructive feedback through regular sessions.

Provide Career path

Providing an opportunity to learn new skills by doing new or different assignments can help them improve their capabilities and increase your retention rates. Committed employees are not looking to leave but they are interested in attaining new skills and knowledge that can help them grow within the organization. Provide them training and encourage internal growth opportunities to retain your engaged workforce.

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