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As a person after having worked in Corporate India and then transplanted to United States, I was always eager to know how HR works differently at an international level!  And I hope you would be too! And that eagerness drives me to research a lot about Global HR, it’s functions, strategies, compliance and most genuinely my heart was attracted to studying cultural clues.

When I interact with other HR professionals or business leaders I always had this thought in my mind and try finding answers for all those unanswered questions that I had in the beginning.  Well, this was kind of a learning process for me and will continue so in the future too!

And I observed that lot of American companies depend on outsourcing, and their workforce is highly diverse. Throughout my communication with HR professionals in US I found that the same interest level in them as well to delve into international HR clues. So that’s quite an audience for this topic!

And here starts a new series named ‘Global HR Muse’ every Wednesday dedicated to sharing more about my findings in Global HR realm, letting my readers learn from it and even question my findings so I can dig in more, do more research and refine it further.

Through out my blogging experience I realized that there is an upturn trend in United States when it comes to using latest tools, techniques and software right after its inception! Which added to my intensity to learn more about the said field and why some nations lead others in utilizing such tools. And you would be reading more about how recruitment, training, compensation, culture & compliance gets done differently in other countries.

And yes occasionally you I will present the Global HR voices across the world. So Stay tuned!

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