Hire Ambitious Employees

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I hate the feeling of complacency or maybe I am not ready to be complacent yet. It drives away the motivation of doing something constructive. It just freezes your brain.

Complacent employees are disengaged, less productive, have no passion or growth. No matter how well you train them they just play safe, don’t take any risks, execute what they are being told to do and will just go with the flow to have a consistent monthly income.

You know, anyone can do a job if they are provided with a fair amount of training and coaching. Imagine if every employee at your organization is like a robot who is trained and scheduled to do a job.They will meet their targets every single time and just clock in and clock out. They don’t really push themselves to excellence, think creatively and don’t contribute much to the organization’s growth and add no value.

Hire Ambitious Employees

In this age of cut throat competition where brands stand out because of their employees and their work culture, you have to be little more smart when you hire the right one. By all means, we know that we have to hire those who mesh with the culture of the organization. No doubt about it!!

But most of all I would want you to hire those who are really serious about their career growth.  Who are ambitious about their career goals and aspirations. Who have shown a track record of success in their previous roles.

Ask them the question

  • What were your career goals 5 years ago and have you achieved them?
  • How can we as an organization help you achieve your career goals?

See if they are determined about their career path and where they want to be.
Check if he/she had shown a consistent growth in their previous roles. Had done something creative and innovative.

These are the people who can help the organization grow by helping themselves grow in their career. They dreaming about having a better career and working toward attaining it is a win-win situation. They will succeed in their career and will make the organization successful.

Hire those who are really passionate about their career, provide them with the tools and resources, treat them well and nurture them. Imagine if you have a tribe of ambitious employees who are passionately working towards excellence.

I know you’ll already feel successful!

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