How to be a Smart Recruiter!

This week I have been thinking all about Recruiting and HR! I was once a corporate recruiter, interviewed and hired candidates for my previous employer, worked with third party recruiters outside my organization. And I also have a few close friends who run a recruiting consultancy. So I can easily put myself in the shoes of a Corporate Recruiter as well as a third party recruiter. And here are a few points that I feel can create mutual success.

Hire for the Culture

The success of a recruiter is not just in finding a candidate to close the requisition but also to find right candidate that is suitable to the culture of the organization and can possibly continue working with yours or your client’s organization for a longer period of time. Now, is there any crystal ball to predict the continuity of your candidate or new hire! No. But you can do a best match making by identifying what are the core values that your organization stands for and do you see those qualities in your candidates. And understand what is that your candidate is finally targeting. Is it money, career growth or work life balance. And will he be able to achieve his career goals within your organization, will he be good at working with other coworkers etc. Dig in more till you get that gut feeling of your candidate’s longevity with the organization.

Provide Candidate Experience

Candidate experience isn’t just an HR jargon anymore; it is actually the feeling that candidates get, like the way your customers feel when they are treated well. So in order to be a successful recruiter you need to represent yourself like the one who treats candidates like humans and not just an application that pops up in your ATS. Engage your candidates by providing transparency and sufficient information that helps them know where they are in the selection process, why they should join your organization and how can they see themselves continuing in your organization.

Be a Social Recruiter

Connect with your active & passive candidates by increasing your visibility on Social Media and engage your candidates by sharing interview tips, news and trends related to your industry. This helps the candidates to find you easily and build a relationship. So you can have your potential candidates ready before even the position becomes open. Makes you do your job much more effectively by reducing the length of hiring process. And understand that your candidate’s network involves your potential candidates too

Listen to your Big Data

Hmm, You don’t have to be a super genius in analyzing the data that is in front of you. Check where are your candidates highly active, be it twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Have an action plan to engage them at where they are. Analyze the shelf life of your top candidates; if you are not engaging them then you will be losing them. Figure out your success by tracking the lifetime of your new hire within the organization too.

After all this, we still have that dark thoughts in our mind that Recruiters hate HR or HR hate Recruiters. And to discuss more about this, please join me for #NEXTCHAT this wednesday CT. #Nextchat is a weekly twitter chat initiated by SHRM at ‘WE KNOW NEXT’ blog -the leading resource for business executives, policymakers and human resource leaders to explore and discuss the latest workforce and workplace trends—providing the in-depth research and insights needed to adapt and take advantage of what’s next! So stay tuned.

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