How Hiring Managers manage large number of job applications

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Check out this guest blog from Raj Sheth, CEO & Founder of sharing with us how Hiring Managers manage large number of job applications!

In today’s flooded job market, recruiters, managers, and human resources specialists have to figure out a way to keep track of all of the applicants. Fortunately, there are applicant tracking systems that help those who are hiring, keep track of the people who want to be hired.

Where the Problems Begin

Applicants send their resumes and job applications to companies in a variety of different forms. When managers receive job applications from email programs, hiring software, and Internet recruiter sites, they are left with an organizational nightmare. Just compiling those applications and resumes is a significant amount of work, and hiring managers also have to keep track of which applications are worth interviewing.

Managers also have to keep track of resumes that have been submitted in multitude of formats, like PDF files, RTF files, and DOC files. Many also wish they could easily search applications for keywords and profiles. Unless you have had to handle the organizational procedures that managers, recruiters, and human resource specialists have to work with, you will not completely understand the confusion that can ensue. If companies do not have a well-organized applicant system, companies could miss out on hiring the best and brightest candidates that can help grow their businesses.

How to Solve the Problems

Applicant tracking software allows human resources specialists to focus on recruiting, interviewing, and hiring rather than organizing paperwork. Recruiting software instantly accepts resumes in all formats and gathers them into one convenient location. The software also allows managers to search the applicants so they can easily find the person with the best education, experience, and fit for the company.

Track Communications

Managers can also use the applicant tracking system and recruiting software to track communications with all applicants. The program allows managers to create a custom workflow to meet the needs of the company while tracking the applicants through every stage. Managers will immediately know if an applicant has had a phone interview or a web conferencing contact. Managers can also easily sort and archive the applicants that can be immediately identified as bad matches. This allows human resources to stop wasting time on applications and resumes that do not have the proper credentials.

Manage the Company Website and Social Media

While many companies use hiring websites, applicant tracking software does allow companies to manage their own careers pages on their own sites. Hiring managers can use the software to create a customized questionnaire for new recruits and they can also use the software to advertise the open positions on social media and search engines, too. These capabilities help recruiters get the perfect candidates.

Work with the Hiring Team

Companies that have hiring teams can easily collaborate with recruiting software for applicant tracking. You can share resumes and notes on candidates. Also, you can allow certain users to have access to edit or to look at the candidates and resumes, allowing hiring managers to have a much easier time organizing the overwhelming amount of resumes and applicants that are flooding the market today.

Raj Sheth is the CEO & Co-Founder of Recruiterbox, an online recruitment software & applicant tracking system designed especially for growing companies. Prior to Recruiterbox, Raj had founded two other web start-ups, namely a classifieds portal and an ecommerce site. He is a graduate of Babson College, MA and spent the first three years of his career as a financial analyst with EMC Corporation (NYSE: EMC) in Boston. You can follow him on Twitter @rsheth81.

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