How to avoid being a Social Media Jerk

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Last week I took a step back to understand what it really means by ‘being social’ to people including me! It was bit of a hard experience for me to stay back from you and my blog but I really don’t like to throw in some scribbled junk here just for the sake of doing it. So I hope you can excuse my absence for the past week.

I really wanted that kind of a break to take a moment, step aside and see how people really treat their social media presence. As we now have a lot of blogs, tweets and hell lot of information coming in every second, is that all genuine or is that just noise!

You know, we HR people always brag about bringing the Human back in HR. I must say that applies not just to HR alone but it makes sense to everyone who has a social media presence. Of course only if you give a damn about it!

In fact, is it hard to take it to a level where you are not just an automated messenger or tweep but the one who values communication by customizing and personalizing your messages to connect with others. So to help others know the real person in you. I get it, you want to build your Social presence, need to promote yourself, make yourself visible to other etc. But honestly if you are serious about everything and want to build your social brand you need to be little more genuine!

I know the goal for each person getting on to social media might be different. For some it would be to get a new job and connect with recruiters, for others that would be to aid their business and for some like me to get their ideas across to people. Any how, it’s all good and wise if you do it in the right manner. The list below is type of person you want to avoid trying to become on social media!

Self obsessed

He is a self preaching guy who only tweets his own content and always likes to talk about himself. Doesn’t give a damn to recognize those who have shared/retweeted his content or what others have to say.

The rule breaker

People might recognize him to be a social media evangelist but that ego makes him a bad communicator during the real time twitter chats as he gives little regard for social media etiquette. For example when a question comes, his presence would always be like ‘I wrote about this’ and posts a link rather than sharing his ideas to keep the discussion going.


Lazy and never seems to be credible. You might get frequent tweets and updates from them but it is all automated messages. Don’t take a moment to reply back to the comments or retweets but calls himself a highly active person on social media.

Ultimate Clicker

Always re-tweets or likes other’s post and tweets but never has his own input or attempts to connect with people online or offline. Always a supporter but who never reads or really cares about your work.

The Fake Influencer

He just likes to show off by having a bunch of fake followers. And even if other real people follow him genuinely, he doesn’t give a damn about following them back!

So if you have noticed any of these characters or if I missed to mention any, share it here!

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