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Talentnet Live conference Part I – Big Data Recruiting

I was not a big fan of analytics but my blogging profession has made it obvious to me that if I want to be a successful blogger I need to pay attention to the data that is available from my site statistics. Yes, I understood data can tell interesting stories and answer questions that I have been wondering about for a while.

In order to be a successful blogger I need to figure out  who my readers are, what do they like to hear from me, how are they landing on my website and what did they search to land on my blog. Once they reached my blog are they sharing the articles that I post here, are they regularly visiting my blog etc…This kind of information often refered to as Big Data which can be defined as

Big data is a popular term used to acknowledge the exponential growth, availability and use of information in the data-rich landscape of tomorrow. The term “big data” puts an inordinate focus on the issue of information volume (in every aspect from storage through transform/transport to analysis)

The amazing part is all this ‘Big data’ can be pulled from my site statistics , google analytics & various other sources. Having an eye on these data has helped me derive meaningful decisions on what to write and and often predict on when to publish them too. Examining this kind of data can help uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information.

So does the same apply to Recruiting  as well to decide where and how to post on job boards, how and where to find the engaged talent communities and where to find the right fit! Here are a few nuggets of valuable insights from HR personalities from the Talent Net Live Conference.

Data driven recruiting!

Listening to & understanding the big data that is available to you through various sources from your company career page to social media intersections can help you shape your decision making, lead you  to approach strategically to improve performance and help you do your job in much smarter way – says, John Sumser- The HRexaminer & Sean Rae – Global Talent Acquisition Data Storyteller, PepsiCo in the keynote session of Talentnet Live Social Recruiting Conference, 2012.

Now if you never heard of this big data, Big data means all the data you can access to shape your decision making – says John Sumser.

Talent Acquisition Data Storyteller

The job title of Sean Rae really fascinates me – PepsiCo has a dedicated Global Talent Acquisition Data Storyteller. Great concept for driving Talent Acquisition strategy and showing business value. Having a person in your Talent Acquisition team who operates like a Data Analyst, but thinks like a Marketer is highly essential to drive marketing & candidate engagement strategies.

Talent Connection Tenure:

PepsiCo shifted their pipelining tool from a sterile database to proactively engaging talent communities – says Sean Rae. There are real recruiters sitting at PepsiCo keeping their fingers on the pulse of Talent communities available at their company career page (that they call as Talent Connection) and their social media pages like Twitter @PepsiCoJobs, LinkedIn PepsiCo Groups & Google+ employment brand page.

Sean said they even track the tenure of candidates at their Talent Connection page to understand the candidates interest with the company and explained the story of a job candidate who was highly engaged with the recruiters and through Talent Connection he applied nearly 15 jobs over 1.5 years. He had great potential, but was a fresh PhD grad with internship experience. The positions he was applying to were slightly above his current level. Sean’s team kept in touch and when a position opened with the sparkling innovation team they interviewed him. He did well & impressed many, so other teams wanted to consider him as well.

At PepsiCo they even use employees to prescreen targeted leads in their network.

So there are enormous ways of finding the talent who are highly engaged and motivated to join your company. But if you can find the stories behind this Big data, you can figure out where your candidates are, and how you can find them  & do your sourcing in much smarter way.

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