Work on your Vulnerabilities!

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Do you dare to talk about your vulnerabilities? I know, we all have some strange or even similar types of vulnerabilities but we don’t dare to accept it and won’t take a chance to face it. Most of the time we try to skip it or play it safe enough to not get into that situation! Don’t we?

Sometimes it is to talk in front of a group of people, address your team members, sing, dance or perform in front of an audience, to face criticism, to accept a failure etc. Something we don’t normally do and are not comfortable dealing with.

Identify your Vulnerabilities

Do you remember last week I mentioned about the Karaoke party we had at my sister’s place! I must say this to you. I messed it up! In a way that would cause a little baby to burst out crying. I am not kidding! Anyway, singing is not my passion and I have no interest at all impressing others by singing.

But see this is my brother- in-law, in the picture, practicing songs every morning for his next concert! He is not a professional singer though but he loves music and loves to organize concerts and programs involving other singers. For him music is one of the ways to find happiness in his life. At the same time performing it in front of a big audience, by his admission, makes him feel vulnerable.

But he knows practicing and then performing in front of a group of friends will help him gain confidence to perform in front of  hundreds of people, which he did!. So he enjoys throwing Karaoke party on most weekends to cope with the vulnerability that he feels during the concert on stage. Results? He had a wonderful performance last night!

Work on your Vulnerabilities

I must say, stepping out side of your comfort zone requires a hell lot of courage and that’s just how you understand your vulnerabilities. Be it at work or in your personal life. And it varies from person to person. Some people would be highly successful when they work with a group of team members but they fail taking a responsibility and handling it independently. For some, asking help is the most vulnerable situation and for others it would be making a presentation in front of coworkers. Rather than hiding from it, identify those areas that you need to improve on, accept it, practice and work on it. This will help you succeed and make you happy.

Embrace Vulnerability

The necessity of getting into vulnerable situations is for your improvement, and to gain a new and better experience. And if you see someone who does things that you cannot do, appreciate it. Encourage others to embrace their fears and challenges and learn from it. And if they fail, appreciate their effort, support and encourage them to continue working on their vulnerabilities. You know, people who embrace these situations in their life have become more successful.

So what do you think? Do you welcome being vulnerable or ignore it and play safe?

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