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25 Low cost monthly fun activities & ideas at work:

Ok. So I did some research on my audience for my website and one of things I found was that a lot of people come into my site via google looking for employee engagement ideas and ideas for fun activities at the work place. So I decided to cater to that part of my audience today a little bit with my latest post. You asked for it and here it is. Some of these ideas have been borrowed from my husband’s office (he works at a wonderful company called Archon Group), my previous employer-Reliance Communications Limited and from few other Telecommunications, Social Media and Non profit organisations where my HR friends work .

Fun and Happiness are contagious. So lighten up your workplace with few simple things that involve little cost and often no cost. Often found successful in the well-known and renowned companies.

Flash Mob: Would’nt it be fun when a few of employees suddenly dance to a music for the purposes of entertainment and then the audience dances along with them same time. Flash Mob is widely used for entertainment in telecommunications and … read more

Corporate Spelling Bee: Well known competition with children spelling words can be very interesting for corporate employees. Let the employees have fun and see them stir up a fire storm in their heads … read more

Best Caricaturist: Tell your employees to draw a caricature of their coworker. Surely a lot of us are not artists but they will at least try to scribble something … read more

Earn your seat: It can simply be boring sitting in one particular workstation for many years. How many times have you wished to get that workstation close to the window or to get away from the one near the restroom? Or you are bored of sitting in the corner … read more

Salad Feste: Let there be a timed (5 minutes) salad competition with two or three people in a team. Have them come up with the ingredients and condiments and when everything is set up on a table, that is when the time starts to run. Let them cut the vegetables, add flavors, spices and … read more

Bizarre Bazaar: Read how Archon Group (my husband’s company) conducted Bizarre Bazaar last year, a fun way to showcase the talents and skills of employees … read more

Mock award: These are random and surprise awards that can make an employee feel special. Give away candy and take a picture and blast it through email … read more

Easy Juggler: Why don’t we give a Juggler of the month title to an employee? Let us see who has better co-ordination skills and … read more

Art Appreciation: There might be a painter, sculptor or one who enjoy doing craft work with things like wires, matchsticks, polythene etc. Let them be given a chance to exhibit their talent and … read more

Vegetable carving competition: This can be done in simple way by deciding upon a fruit or vegetable that employees need to bring. And have them carved within 15-30 minutes. Or this can be conducted as a grand festival where every department participates as a team and … read more

Darts Champion: Employees can often find it fun to compete each other and it is so easy for everyone to have a try at this. Do it with pro boards, a commentator and … read more

Office Pets Day /Bring your pet to work: This would be appropriate if you celebrate it on April 11th the National Pet Day but can be done any day you want to. I have seen companies who allow keeping pets like turtles, fish, and … read more

Birthday Bash: Let all birthday babies of a month blow the candles together and lighten up the workplace. This can be done in many ways. You can have a surprise party with a surprise funny gift on their desk and … read more

Potluck: There is nothing more fun than sharing and serving food that you cooked. Having a potluck lunch at work will promote a family atmosphere and … read more

Garage Sales: Having a ‘Garage Sale’ at work as part of your Fun Friday will be cool and employees will enjoy the pleasure of being a sales person themselves. You may surprisingly see the sales tactics of your co-workers which you might not have imagined. You can even plan to have it in your cafeteria or a big conference hall and … read more

Guess Who!!: Have employees guess the person in childhood photos of other employees, that you have pinned on board or projected on a screen one at a time. Reading out loud the different names guessed by … read more

Bring home to work: Fridays can be little bit more relaxed and flexible than any other work day since mostly everyone are in a weekend mood. So lets make it a fun Friday by having some fun at work. Everyone spends most of their time in their work place so it is pivotal that we should find it comfy. Especially when we are stuck inside a cubicle under tremendous work pressure … read more

Halloween Day: Celebrate the culture by dressing up on a Halloween Day, Wear Green on a St. Patrick’s day. And why not name some days like ‘Texans at office’  day. Have employees … read more

Surprise celebrity: Surprise your employees by bringing … read more

Creativity Contest: Put some weird items in a bag like straws, glittering paper, sponge, plastic rings, matchstick, dry leaves, stones or whatever comes to your mind. Let it be a creativity day where employees as a team should design and … read more

Support staff Day:  When everybody leaves work at the end of the day, there is someone being a watch dog at your office. When you are away at lunch there is someone always there taking calls at the reception, and … read more

Video games/Robot Wars: A friend of mine working at Gamespot says she feels happy walking inside everyday to her office because their job is testing and playing video games every day and that doesn’t seem like a work for her. Well, an entertaining and socializing work environment helps … read more

Marble Champions: Employees would look back to their childhood while playing with marbles. This can be a simple idea but can help show others one’s skills at those childhood games that everyone reminisces and … read more

Indoor Bowling & Golf : The most fascinating games for a lot of Americans and lets have it in your office. Indoor Bowling can be played on any fairly flat surface of your office and … read more

Chef of the month/Recipe of the month: If you are not able to conduct a cooking competition at your office then this can be another way to showcase your culinary skills. Let your employees … read more

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