What does it take to have a winning corporate culture?

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Time and again, organizations have understood that the best way to attain sustainable competitive advantage in a dynamic marketplace is through the development of a winning corporate culture.

Well, we are part of a worldwide economy with diverse values and cultures and when competition comes from every corner, what it takes to succeed is, not what you do but how you do it. So it is very essential for all of the organization to look at their values and beliefs and make it transparent to all employees about what they stand for and how they do things around in their organization.

We work in a challenging and global economy where technology changes with a blink of an eye and competitions emerge unexpectedly. The one thing that organizations can constantly rely on is to instill a values-based culture in which employees can be trusted to do the right thing because they know what the organization stands for. In order to attain this trust among employees companies need to give more importance to employees and their relationship building. Organizations that are successful dedicate time and effort in defining who they are and systematically align those defined values and behavior thorough out their organization.

An example of this is Pepsico‘s commitment to delivering sustained growth through empowered people acting responsibly and building trust. PepsiCo’s tremendous empowering possibilities for their employees within the organization have given employees the freedom to act and think in ways that they feel will get the job done, while adhering to processes that ensure proper governance.

Another example is that of Starbucks which has made a business out of human connections, community involvement and the celebration of cultures.  Starbucks believes that the recipe for its success is its people, or “partners,” as it calls its employees.

All it takes to succeed is a winning corporate culture that empowers its people to outperform the competition.

Being an HR professional, I know it is not that easy to attain or inspire a strong corporate culture within the organization but without a doubt a trust worthy corporate culture can be achieved when the heroes of the organizations stand for it. Yes, Corporate Culture, that should start form the top of the organization from the people who embody the values and beliefs of the organization.

Companies need to implement strong employee relation initiatives and communicate their values and principles to strengthen the organizational culture. Reinforce the story of company’s founders, their vision and messages to make your employees a part of this mission and help create a heritage that can celebrated and can be something to be proud of. This will ultimately drive employee’s performance and the overall success of the organization.

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