HR Tactics, Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

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This week I had a great time guest hosting #Nextchat at The SHRM Blog @SHRMNextchat (the We Know Next website was renamed as The SHRM Blog). Check out The New SHRM Blog — New Look, Same Great Content!. And be sure to join #Nextchat every Wednesday at 3pm IST.

HR Tactics, Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

I had a wonderful time connecting with HR professionals around the globe and we chatted about HR Tactics for 2015 and Beyond. Here is the full RECAP where you can read all the great contributions to the conversation in the tweet. Sharing a few of my tweets over here to make it little easier for you to go through:)

Q1. Employees are the front line of your organization’s employer-branding campaign. How can HR assist them?

Q2. What are some innovative ways HR can create (or re-create) a career site to dazzle job seekers?

Q3. How do you ensure that you’re getting candidates that fit your culture before they arrive for the interview?

Q4. What are the little things that can greatly improve the candidate experience?

Q5. What are some innovative ways that HR can refresh a stale onboarding program?

Q6. What activities have the most impact when it comes to providing a better employment experience?

Q7. What novel benefits strategies can you initiate to help attract and retain the very best employees?

Q8. What are you doing to build better relationships and communication with job candidates and employees?

Q9. What are some simple recognition tools that have enormous impact?

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