Presenting your Job Description & Company Culture graphically pays off

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You might have noticed the Work at Work cartoon series at my blog. Well, let me tell you why did I start it in the first place. I was doing a study about my Facebook likes and shares and I noticed my readers share pictures more than interesting and helpful articles. It is a general study that I did in which I found that the tendency of sharing pictures over written articles is 60% more. So I made my own cartoons quoting funny incidents at office to entertain my audience or sometimes to probe different scenarios. Results! More shares, message spreads and better visibility.

In fact, if we have an opportunity to see and visually experience something, it helps us make our decision faster. Be it choosing your next date on, buying a product or deciding on working for an employer. And now social media platform has opened up a new avenues to give us access to such visual experiences! Especially Pinterest! By showing your personality and sharing valuable content through images that people are interested in sharing! So let your job and company culture go viral to attract your talent!

Says, Craig Fisher, Founder of Talent Net Live Conference!

Tell the story of the job and company culture in pictures and graphs instead of run-on sentences and internal corporate language.

And he shared the story of various companies like Carousel Consultancy, Sodexo, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Aon etc who are having a highly active career page on Pinterest. This helped me to research on what makes theses companies stand out on Pinterest and how they are successful in finding & engaging their talent.

How to leverage Pinterest to attract & engage your talent!

Share photos of Jobs

As I said photos and videos get shared faster and go viral, so make photos of your jobs and even the benefits too. For expamle: Carousel Consultancy was one of the first recruitment agencies to set up boards on Pinterest and started finding their talent by creating a board on Pinterest named ‘We are hiring’ and they found it successful by sharing photos of their jobs. They marketed jobs that allow telecommute facilities by sharing a photo of a person sitting with a laptop on a beach, and they link back that photo to their career page. Another example is the interesting jobgram photo of Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers which tells ‘What they will do’, What they will bring to the job & What Pizza Hut offers’ to the job candidates.  How cool is that?  Take a look at it here

Always start with employees

Let your employees tell others why they love their job and why one should work with them. Let their voice spread and make talent reach out to you. For example, see the Pizza hut employee’s voice: They have childcare on campus and that helps their little ones to go to work along with them, and makes them happy to work in a fun and friendly environment and gives the opportunity to learn something new everyday.

Share company culture

Sharing your organization’s culture through photos and videos on pinterest helps you showcase your employer brand, attract talent and even drive them to your career site. See how Pizza Hut is sharing their culture here through photos of employees having a fun environment and relationship at work, getting recognition for their efforts through Pizza Hut Tomato cards, collaborating for a team goal etc. Things that tells the candidates about the unique culture that makes your employees come to work with same excitement everyday. Check out Taco Bell’s Office Olympics here, I loved it!

Make your Recruiters reachable

Make your recruiting team visible on Pinterest and make it more professional by linking their LinkedIn & Twitter profile as well. This helps your potential prospects connect with them on a one on one basis. Sodexo made their Pinterest boards convenient enough for you based on their jobs and ability to connect with the respective recruiters on LinkedIn & on Twitter. See recruiters of Aon Careers, recruiters of Taco Bell.

Share job search tips and advice

After all sharing is caring, share your job search tips and advice from your recruiters! What makes a candidate standout for you, what are the qualities that you look for specific jobs, and most importantly what makes them a right fit at your organization and even how the job application & interview process looks like. For example look at the video made by Sodexo USA Careers! Let your talent know what you value most and thus they showcase that for you. Makes your recruiting job much more easy, and helps the right fit join your organization and helps candidates apply easily.

Create and share Infographics

Infographics helps you to provide a graphical and visual representation of various topics, helps present complex information quickly and clearly and people love to share them. Check these organization’s boards that help you aid your job search.

Job search Infographics from Carousel Consultancy
Recruiting is Social from Taco Bell
Jobseeker advice from Sodexo
Social Job Search from Aon Careers

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