20 Workplace Resolutions for you from your coworkers

We all make some blunders knowingly and unknowingly at work. Sometimes you can’t think of anything but just work, work & work!! And you don’t even know your colleagues have noticed something odd in you. Sometimes they and your managers may frame your personality based on the blunders/behavior/routine you make.

So I was thinking what could be the resolution that we think others should consider making at workplace! May be resolve to avoid making blunders. When I thought of writing about this the first thing I wanted to do is to reach out to my friends & readers, especially my Facebook friends! They always inspire me with great ideas which I may never imagine. (more…)

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Christmas Fun Activities at Office

It’s Christmas time and I know most of you would be planning some festivities and employee fun get together at office!

We all know that this is one of the most pleasant times, with all the happiness and joy, when we would want to be around our family, friends & beloved ones and most importantly thankful for everything we have! So what else could be a better occasion than this time to have a fun activity involving family members of employees at work? Well this is exactly what Archon Group did! (more…)

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At work – Fun and Happiness are contagious

This week I talked about being Great Leaders, Managing Multiple Bosses and now I want to talk about being happy at work!

I had an amazing time working for my previous employer (Reliance Communications). No, I am not sugarcoating nor am I saying this because I am not currently working with them but I miss them. Like any other organization I had good times and some bad times. It is all part of the game. But if someone asked me this question “if I had an option to continue there, would I!?” Yes, Of course, I will. (more…)

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