20 Workplace Resolutions for you from your coworkers

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We all make some blunders knowingly and unknowingly at work. Sometimes you can’t think of anything but just work, work & work!! And you don’t even know your colleagues have noticed something odd in you. Sometimes they and your managers may frame your personality based on the blunders/behavior/routine you make.

So I was thinking what could be the resolution that we think others should consider making at workplace! May be resolve to avoid making blunders. When I thought of writing about this the first thing I wanted to do is to reach out to my friends & readers, especially my Facebook friends! They always inspire me with great ideas which I may never imagine.

Here are the list of workplace resolutions shared by Your HR Buddy’s Facebook friends and fans that they think others should consider making at the workplace –

  1. Stop working through lunch all the time and take a break once in a while.
  2. Stay more organized with daily tasks. Be better organized when planning out work day & manage it.
  3. Please wear fresh socks everyday at work! Otherwise, it stinks like hell sitting next to you!
  4. Get out of your seat and say hello to your coworkers once in a while.
  5. Do a spell check/grammar check before sending out a memo!
  6. Use Please, Thank You & You are welcome to make others feel appreciated.
  7. Reread to/cc/subject of mail before sending.
  8. Stop clicking reply all button before checking who all are in the list!
  9. Use mouth freshener after a meal! Can’t stand his bad breath!
  10. Avoid speaker phone & don’t talk too loud sitting next to me while on the phone.
  11. Help others not just for the sake of making it to the appraisal sheet.
  12. Please knock before entering my cubicle.
  13. Don’t microwave food that smells inside office.
  14. Reset your ring tones to something pleasing to others ears.
  15. Chewing gums are not allowed.
  16. Stop talking behind my back! I can hear you!
  17. Showing up late every day at work.
  18. Stop standing behind me and peeping at my computer while I work.
  19. Own up to your mistakes when you are fault.
  20. Don’t open my mail without my permission.

So what do you think? If you have noticed something that others should resolve to avoid, share it in the comments.

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