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It is been remarkable to hear that one of my friends, Dileep Sudheendran has started an initiative of sending a bouquet or cake to his colleagues on their birthday or anniversary. Well, this is totally an initiative based on his personal interests and then something that his friends at work eventually took on. Is he in HR, who generally takes up such initiative? No! But he closely worked with HR as an admin team member. Well, I am happy for him that he is been promoted as an Admin head for the entire state after having worked with company for several years.

Is it possible that the bouquets or birthday cakes directly gained him the promotion? Obviously not!! But he created a momentum of togetherness among the group. You must have noticed that companies now days are cutting down costs and sometimes it’s hard for HR to deal with the reality of a low budget. What he figured is that this shouldn’t stop him from adding that extra fun and happiness on a special day of his colleague’s life. He along with his friends contributed towards sending these surprise gifts to their colleagues at work regularly. Throughout his tenure I have noticed his charismatic personality that gels with all levels of employees in the company. And people of such allure are appreciated and recognized throughout the organization.

You might be working very hard and busily involved with your work throughout your day in office and delivering all your commitments on time. And you might believe that you have covered all bases and that manager can’t help but give you a promotion. Isn’t it? But you got it wrong.

Well, in this socially engaged working world if you make yourself too busy and skip that lunch meeting or get together where all colleagues and managers meet then you might be hurting your career. It’s high time for you to realize that employees who initiate office friendships and engage in organizing workplace socialization (like how Dileep did) in addition to doing their job well are more likely to get a promotion. It may not help you if you are a pain in the butt but it sure can help you further if you are good employee.

It is been said what is most important is not What you know but it’s Who you know and it’s How well you know them. Yes. Your internal sphere of influence at workplace!! It can be your coworkers, managers, top executives, people from other departments etc. Create your influence where people, who you know well that way they will advocate and support your opinions and vote for you when you are up for promotion.

Create your internal sphere of influence at workplace to rise professionally:

Meet for lunch or coffee: Don’t leave that chance to know your colleagues on the lunch meeting where everyone participates. Interact with your coworkers and colleagues in other departments as well.

Expand your network: Networking does not have to be limited to outside of your company or to help when searching for new job. It shouldn’t matter if you work in a different office, you should still expand your network with employees who work in other offices of your company as well. Take some time to walk around and have a chat with your colleagues and probably the people above your manager as well.

Talk at the table: I have seen employees show up for the meetings and keeping mum. Speak up and don’t miss the chance to get noticed and recognized by the top management and senior managers. Probably in the initial time you might not contribute valuable thoughts but ask questions in meetings and get noticed and eventually try building on that momentum.

Share information and articles: Offer some help and share information you feel that might help people in doing their work. Rather sending forwarded mails over and over, try sending good and personal articles that add value.

Introduce someone and get introduced: Introduction works not only for building relationship faster but to have a bonding and trusting relationship as well. When you introduce someone (for mutual benefit) to other people who you trust, they will consider him the same way as they respect you. And that will help getting people to start introducing you to others.

Make yourself more personable: your conversations and discussions with your colleagues and coworkers do not have to be about work only. Sharing your personal life and stories can help in making that personal connection faster.


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