5 Signs that tell you are an office enemy

Healthy competition among employees at workplace is good and can lead them to achieve their work and career goals. But office rivalry!! Huge no..no..! It will tear a team apart with conflicts and negativity. And the first thing organizations want to do is to get rid of that person who everybody considers as office enemy..

You already know who I am talking about. The person who mostly believes in a one man show, who rarely gets along with others or the one who always tends to have temper tantrum.

Are you an office enemy that everybody hates?! If you don’t know it yet, here are some things that you might have done or enjoy doing to let others down!

Sending complaint emails to manager before talking with your co-worker

First of all your manager has way better things to do with his time than listening to your bitching. You think you have a great influence on your manager and send complaints about your coworker without even considering to open up the issue with them directly. For e.g. let the coworker know that having a chat with other coworkers infront of your desk is distracting your focus and to please avoid it. They won’t know it otherwise and they might think that you enjoy hearing their conversation. But directly sending emails to manager without letting them know of your inconvenience can make them think like you ratted them out.

Bringing up others personal information during workplace conflicts

Once the circle of trust has been broken then it is hard for others to believe and work with you. Your coworker might have shared some of their personal secrets with you considering you as a friend. May be a secret about how his marriage ended up in divorce. But bringing up that personal information in the middle of any conflicts would insult him and embarrass him. This is you letting others know that they cannot rely on you.

Bullying and using offensive language

Some of the bullying you engage in might be you pointing out others mistakes, cc’ing to your boss and boss’s boss, pointing fingers with fire in your eyes or gossiping. But hard thing that nobody can tolerate is you using filthy dirty language with disrespect. Taking your frustration on others, yelling at them, calling them names are not only unprofessional, it can even get you fired.

Faking your behaviour in front of your boss

You tend to be a nicer guy when the boss is around you but when he is not you are a total jerk to others. Like dual personality, you look supportive, considerate and team player in front of your boss during team meetings or any strategy calls. But when you are out with your team on any project you show your dirty arrogant side. And the boss doesn’t even know and will consider that you are good at heart but the team knows the real truth.

You are a troublemaker and nobody wants to team up with you

You would be the last person others want to work with and you are better off being yourself alone. Rather than finding solutions and ways to achieve the goal you are keen to find problems and mistakes in almost everything and create negativity. You neither complete the tasks that are assigned to you nor let others finish their tasks. This makes your team keep you away from all the collaborative assignments and yes you will end up being a one man show. But how long will you survive being an office enemy!

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