How to make the most out of your Office Holiday Party?

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Come on! It is office party time! Why are you sitting at your desk and engrossed in your work? Must be busy finishing the task for tomorrow so you can relax on your holiday! Or are you scared or conscious of getting involved with your office group or are you trying to leave office early?

I am sure there would be a few employees waiting to sneak out of office once the office holiday parties begin. Some of them might even feel reluctant to be among the crowd and being part of it and a few others see this is as yet another useless fun activity just like the one they have every month!

Believe it or not, you are missing the most valuable opportunity at work to connect with others and even show your skills to your managers and other influential people in your organization. Promote your people skills and other abilities that are related to your job by getting involved in the office festivities.

Here’s how to make the most out of your Office Holiday party

Increase your Visibility

Involve yourself in the party co-ordination committee, participate in the programs and raise your visibility. Office parties are the occasions when most of the employees including the leadership team gather. Thus let people notice you. I know the leadership team notices people who stand out in the crowd and often recommend their managers to put them in a particular assignment based on their upbeat nature.

Show your personality

Are you an energetic and fun personality where you can easily mingle with others? Are you a team player and a go getter? Showing your social skills can help you being considered while you are up for promotion. Let people see your other side that they do not get to see at work. Like it or not folks who are people friendly or extroverts are more likely to be considered for managerial positions.

Show your organizing skills

If you are a person who enjoys throwing parties and if you know the nitty-gritty of organizing an event, this might be a good chance to show off those skills. By sending out emails, surveying people for opinions/ideas and making sure that efforts are divided and delegated in order to kick off the party. Showing your organizing skills can help you get noticed by the decision makers in your organization.

Get networked

There is no other better occasion than this to show that you are a great influence by networking with other employees and leaders in your organization. Introduce yourself by saying your name and what you do. Have a stock of your own icebreakers like asking about the holiday plans or recognizing some work that they do etc. And get introduced by others as well. If you know somebody very close to someone else, get their help to build connections and take it from there.

Show that you care

This would be the right opportunity for you to thank others who have helped you in your job and career. Spend some time with them. Have a conversation and make them aware that you care about them. Ask questions that can help you know more about them. E.g. if you have noticed someone shared their photography skills in Facebook, ask about how they learned it, or ask about the interesting painting you have seen at their desk!. Make you interaction a little personal than just about work.

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