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Well, I don’t normally publish posts on Saturdays. But since I took the ‘Yourturnchallenge’, you know that I am committed to post every day until this coming Monday. And  I love this challenge. I’d like to continue that momentum even after this Monday. So stay tuned!

What I do normally on a weekend is- read, catch up things I missed that week in the HR space and put my thoughts into a new post for the next week. If you haven’t already gone this blogs it would be a great read this weekend!

Here are Top 5 HR / Recruiting blogs of the week

5 Talent Acquisition Trends to Watch

Ultimate Software (#20 on this year’s FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work for list) just released a whitepaper on top 5 talent acquisition trends in today’s market. And China Gorman shared her views about this whitepaper at her weekly series Data point Tuesday. Be sure to read her thoughts! It is gold.

Key Priorities for the HR profession Through 2015

SHRM shares the results on an online survey that they did with over 4000 randomly selected SHRM members from organizations with 1000 or more employees.

Top concerns HR cannot afford to avoid in 2015

The Human Resource landscape is evolving at a much faster rate. As 2014 culminates, experts advice HR professionals to shape up to embrace the new challenges on the horizon. Here are four things HR must revisit in 2015…

Pushback on Dividing HR

In response to Ram Charan’s article on ‘It’s time to split HR’ that he wrote at Harvard Business Reveiw, HRE reached out to three top HR thought leaders to solicit their takes on the proposal, the furor it sparked and what — in their estimations — it will actually take to fix HR.

10 Articles Recruiters Shared The Most This Week

Every week LinkedIn shares those articles that staffing and corporate recruiters shared the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days. Don’t miss those if you want to stay current on what’s happening in the recruitment industry

Have a great weekend and enjoy reading!

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