Doug Shaw talks about building Social HR leadership and cultural clues

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When I think of Doug, simplicity comes to my mind. A man who is so down to earth, simple, kind and really genuine at heart. A Global HR professional, business leader, Social HR expert, a guitarist, a lovely Dad and I am sure he wears many other hats and inspires others.

I started following him when I first listened to his talk at DriveThruHR. I figured out we both like and enjoy painting and we both are interested in exploring cultural diversities. Knowing that we have a few things in common aroused my curiosity to connect with him and get to know more about him. I must say he really inspires you every time when you interact with him.

Lousiana SHRM conference 2013 opened up the opportunity to meet with him in real life and as I expected he blew away the audience with his artistic skills and here is a clip.

Building Social HR Leadership and Cultural clues

He talks about using social tools to create opportunities to collaborate and co-create things more innovatively at workplace. He urges us to share our passion which is really an interesting way to connect with each other and inspire one another. He says ‘With the growing use of social tools we have a chance to re-humanize work and put people back at the heart of work, not the other way around. We can use transparency, systems thinking and even our vulnerability to create powerful places to work’.

Watch here to know more about:

  • How to use social media in becoming a Social HR leader?
  • How to use social tools to enhance and rehumanize work world?
  • What are some cultural clues that is different in the work world of US from UK
  • How does using his artistic skills help him in becoming a successful HR professional & What are his words of wisdom to the young HR professionals to succeed in their career?

Doug shaw is an Global HR professional, facilitator, organisational and people development consultant, and international speaker at What Goes Around. He is an adviser to the UK Employee Engagement Taskforce, and I blogs at and at HRZone. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook & on Twitter at @Dougshaw1

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