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DrivethruHR podcasts have been the best resources for our audience to stay current on what’s happening in the HR industry. And the things that have been keeping our guests up at night and the experiences that they share on our show have been an amazing way to learn from other HR peeps!

As of now the #1 internet radio show for the HR professionals has aired over 824 shows! And as we do great work to contribute to the community, here are the Top 50 shows that our audience has listened to the most.

  1. Naomi Bloom on HR Technology and Consulting– Originally aired on 07/16/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @InFullBloomUS
  2. Chloe Rada on Social Recruiting & Corporate Recruiting– Originally aired on 04/20/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @crada
  3. Missouri MO – SHRM LIVE at the conference show! Part 2– Originally aired on 8/9/2012 – Connect with them on twitter at @MOSHRM
  4. Jody Thompson on Flexible work– Originally aired on 09/28/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @JodyROWE
  5. Paul Hebert on Reward and Recognition programs– Originally aired on 06/29/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @IncentInte
  6. Miranda Hinshaw on Measurement & Metrics– Originally aired on 08/07/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @Miranda50
  7. Joni Doolin on Summer Brand Camp and Best Practices Conference– Originally aired on 11/16/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @luckypenny
  8. John Sumser on Data and analytics– Originally aired on 7/2/2013 Connect with him on twitter at @JohnSumser
  9. Bonni Titgemeyer on International and Global HR– Originally aired on 10/29/2012 Connect with her on twitter at @BonniToronto
  10. Don MacPherson on Organizational Values– Originally aired on 01/08/2013 – Connect with him on twitter at @macpherson_d
  11. Steve Levy on Employee Engagement, Recruitement & Hiring– Originally aired on 10/19/2012 Connect with him on twitter at @levyrecruits
  12. Lizz Pellet on Networking & Organization Culture– Originally aired on 11/30/2012 Connect with her on twitter at @Lizzpellet
  13. Scott Fowle on Recrutiment marketing– Originally aired on 05/24/2013 – Connect with him on twitter at @smashflyscott
  14. Rob Garcia on Employee Engagement & Gamification– Originally aired on 10/12/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @RobGarciaSJ
  15. SHRM Pinnacle Award winner HR Florida share– Originally aired on 11/21/2012 Connect with them on twitter at @HRflorida
  16. Sarah Williams on Job search & job transition– Originally aired on 09/24/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @TheBuzzOnHR
  17. Chris Russell on Social Recruiting and Mobile Recruiting– Originally aired on 01/25/2013 – Connect with him on twitter at @chrisrussell
  18. Mervyn Dinnen on Recruiting & Social Networking– Originally aired on 08/01/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @MervynDinnen
  19. Greg Harris on Employee Engagement, Measurement & Metrics– Originally aired on 12/21/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @GregoryHarris
  20. Nisha Raghavan joins DriveThruHR team– Originally aired on 2/15/2013 Connect with her on twitter at @theHRbuddy
  21. Tara Fournier on developing Young HR Professionals– Originally aired on 02/22/2013 –  Connect with her on twitter at @SHRMTara
  22. Bill Glenn on social Recrutiing & Mobile Recruiting– Originally aired on 01/18/2013 – Connect with him on twitter at @williamwglenn
  23. Dwane Lay, Bryan Wempen & William on Politics– Originally aired on 11/2/2012 Connect with him on twitter at @DwaneLay
  24. Melanie Rydalch on Leadership & Work culture– Originally aired on 01/14/2013 – Connect with her on twitter at @mrydalch
  25. Steve Boese on trends in HR Technology industry– Originally aired on 2/7/2013 Connect with her on twitter at @SteveBoese
  26. Ricky Williams on Social Networking– Originally aired on 08/10/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @rickycwilliams
  27. John Hudson on Strategic HR and Big Data– Originally aired on 10/24/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @johnphudson
  28. Kris Dunn on Gamification– Originally aired on 3/8/2013 Connect with him on twitter at @kris_dunn
  29. Naomi Bloom takes a look back at 2012 with DriveThruHR– Originally aired on 12/17/2012- Connect with her on twitter at @InFullBloomUS
  30. Peter Donovan on Executive Recruitment– Originally aired on 11/09/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @PeteDonovan
  31. Call In Show with DriveThruHR Talent– Originally aired on 12/7/2012 Connect with her on twitter at @drivethruHR
  32. Lars Schmidt on HR Innovation, Recruiting & Hiring– Originally aired on 11/26/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @ThisIsLars
  33. Joyce Maroney on Work flexibility– Originally aired on 03/01/2013 – Connect with her on twitter at @wf_institute
  34. Brad Galin on HR Tech conference– Originally aired on 10/26/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @bradgalin
  35. Jason Lauritsen on Training and Development– Originally aired on 01/04/2013 – Connect with her on twitter at @JasonLauritsen
  36. Steve Boese on Content Management– Originally aired on 08/03/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @SteveBoese
  37. Traci Fenton on Democratic workplace– Originally aired on 09/05/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @tracifenton
  38. David Kippen on Candidate Experience– Originally aired on 12/06/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @David_Kippen
  39. Brent Daily & Natalie Baumgartner on Work culture & Leadership– Originally aired on 01/23/2013 – Connect with her on twitter at @brentdaily
  40. Missouri MO – SHRM LIVE at the conference show– Originally aired on 8/8/2012 Connect with them on twitter at @MOSHRM
  41. Kathy Rapp on Recruitment & Candidate Experience– Originally aired on 12/14/2012 – Connect with her on twitter at @KatRapp
  42. Sarah Williams on Employee Relations & managing change– Originally aired on 3/15/2013 Connect with her on twitter at @TheBuzzOnHR
  43. Matt Charney on content strategy– Originally aired on 09/27/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @mattcharney
  44. Michael and Mary Grace Hennessy on Merger & Acquisition– Originally aired on 09/10/2012 – Connect with them on twitter at @smashfly
  45. Alan Whitford on Merger & Acquisition– Originally aired on 08/28/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @alanwhitford
  46. Daniel Seddiqui on Job search & Job interview– Originally aired on 04/16/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @DanielSeddiqui
  47. Joseph Murphy on Screening & Assessment– Originally aired on 09/07/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @virtualjoe
  48. Rudy Karsan on Big Date & Employee Engagement– Originally aired on 02/26/2013 – Connect with him on twitter at @Kenexa
  49. Kristi Erickson on Performance Management & Succession Planning– Originally aired on 02/01/2013 – Connect with her on twitter at @KMErickson
  50. Josh Rock on Job Search & Job Interview– Originally aired on 09/19/2012 – Connect with him on twitter at @JRock96

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PS: This ranking is based on maximum number of listeners till date

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