Talent Assessment Skills Every Hiring Manager Should Have

Having worked with many Hiring managers across different functions I have seen that most of them, especially new managers are not comfortable in interviewing candidates. Bringing the best people onto the team was always on top of their mind, yet not having the key talent assessment skills gets them in trouble in establishing the best team.

I must say, some of them got the help of HR to do a collaborative interview with the candidate. So HR can focus on the people side of it, understand the right fit by asking behavioural questions and measuring things that are linked to the culture fit. And Hiring managers can focus on the asking those questions that are job oriented and measuring competencies that are required for the success of those positions.

But eventually they knew In order to make a great hiring decision and become a  successful hiring manager they need to master the key Talent Assessment skills. Focus on what really matters the most. And here are those!

Talent Assessment Skills Every Hiring Manager Should Have

Look past the skills and hire for potential

It is easy to check the box and know that candidates have all the skills required to do the job. Most managers focus on skills and competencies because they want somebody to be onboard immediately without spending much time and investment on training or mentoring. Forgetting the fact that in the longer run the future needs of a business could be different and the skills and experience that you focus currently might become obsolete tomorrow.

A successful hiring manager knows that skills can be taught and they need to look past the skills and hire the talent that has the potential to grow. The ability to adapt to the future needs of business, a positive attitude towards change and an urge to succeed cannot be overlooked with some laundry list of skills set.

Link behaviors into the cultural values

You have heard it many times that it is all about asking behavioral questions. But it can be tricky sometimes. Especially when you deal with an ‘interview-trained’ candidates who know what to say, how to say it and how to impress you. They might be good in interviews but they might not be a good job performer when they are put under real job circumstances with other team members.

So know what you are looking for and frame your questions around it. Are you looking for someone who can collaborate with diverse team, or someone who can represent your award winning customer service? Know what behaviour really matters for someone to succeed in your organization and for a particular role. Ask a question on how he responded to specific tough situations and continue to probe further more on what he says. One story to another, one experience to another, you should be able to dig deep into his past behavior in various situations.

Figure out if his past behavior is an accepted behavior in your organization and in line with your organization’s values. Asking the right questions that unfold the behavior of a candidate can help you understand if he holds some of the personal values that are similar to the organizational values.

What do you think are some of the must have Talent Assessment Skills for hiring managers?

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