10 Employee Engagement ideas that empower your employees

Looking at the employee engagement survey you might be trying to figure out what is that million dollar technique that successful organizations do to engage its employees. Well, infact all the surveys get lost with time,collect dust and don’t get to the leaders desk for any actions to be taken afterwards.  Instead of surveys, make everything about our people and treat them well enough to empower them.

Here are 10 employee engagement ideas that empower your employees

Provide career advancement opportunity within the company

Knowing the career path and opportunities for growth can make your employees go that extra mile and go above and beyond what is expected from them. Career opportunities drive engagement, retention and productivity and so every employee who is aware of how he can develop and progress within the organisation would definitely be engaged.  If you look at the employee engagement or “great place to work” surveys, employees value possibilities for advancement within the organization as the number one priority above any other motivators. Here are top 25 companies that provide career opportunities within the organization as per Glassdoor.

Let the managers be mentors

The study, “What Drives Employee Engagement and Why It Matters” states that “ a ‘caring’ manager is one of the key elements that drives employee engagement”. A manager’s ability to build strong relationships with employees, build strong team interaction and lead in a “person-centered” way creates an engaging environment in which employees can perform at the highest possible level. A good manager who lead by examples should act as a mentor instead of just being a dictator. Line managers have a pivotal role in making their employees engaged by supporting them to achieve their full potential. Ensuring that they feel respected is a key contributor to the organizations growth.

Create a culture of Recognition

Recognized employees are engaged employees. Be it from top to down or peer to peer, create a culture where employees are recognized and appreciated for their great work across the organization. Make real time feedback a practice and don’t wait for a special day to come to applaud the good work. Be sure to recognize employees when they embody organization’s values and cultural norms.

Align Employee goals to business goals

Collaborate with employees while setting their individual performance goals. Let them pursue what they love to do which will in turn leads to engagement and productivity. Let your employees know how their work adds up to the achievement of business goals and how they are valuable partner. Create a win win situation where an employee can pursue achieving his personal career goals and it turn can contribute to achieving business goals.

Let employees feel like they are heard and valued

Most organizations make a point in getting the buy in from leadership but it is necessary to get the buy in from your employees as well to get a sustained growth. And for that listen to your top performers and what they have to say. Let them have an opportunity to share/address their questions/concerns, present their thoughts where they can openly communicate to leaders and executives. Help your employees feel like their voice are heard and their feedback is valued within the organization.

Provide flexibility and make them accountable

Employees tend to be more productive and engaged when they have the flexibility to get to results in their own ways. For e.g., letting your salaried employee telecommute when he needs to be around his family due to personal reasons. For employees knowing his organization provides flexibility makes them more accountable in what they do and more committed and engaged.

Live up to what you stand for

Employees often feel pride in where they work and what they do. Let your employees know what your organization stands for and how leadership team embodies organizational values and culture. Be sure to follow through on your promises and gain your employees trust. A work culture that builds under trust and integrity will have committed and engaged workforce.

Have a stake in employee wellness

It’s been proven that healthier employees are more productive employees and happier employees. Building a culture of wellness makes your workforce realize that their employer has interest in their well being and care about them as an individual. The Employee Wellness Program has become the new standard at Best Companies. Here is a glimpse of what Wellness programs look like at the 100 Best workplaces to work.

Provide ownership of the job

Instead of micro managing with frequent follow ups or providing a task driven job give your employees full ownership of their job and get the best out of them. Give them the authority to make flexible decisions and make sure they have everything that is required for them to do their job. Giving ownership fosters an environment that is trusting, enables ideas to flow and makes your employees more responsible for their success.

Encourage failure, appreciate risk takers and innovators

Create an environment where failures are accepted and encouraged. This will help nurture a relationship where trust, togetherness and constructive criticism are valued and appreciated and which will inturn make a great impact on engagement. Appreciate risk takers and innovators to spur innovation at workplace. Employees will be more engaged if their job allows them to be creative, innovate and helps unlock the potential in them.

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