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It’s time to step up and start contributing to the community where I learned my first HR lessons from – The Indian HR Community.

It’s been about three years now since I moved to United States. Thoughout this journey the lessons that I learned and the growth that I attained in my career is just getting better day by day. Embracing social tools and technologies and utilizing it at Human Resources realm has helped me rebrand myself from a traditional HR professional to a Social HR professional who made it to The Huffington post. And success stories are many.

So here I am, When I look back to the world where I took my first steps in HR, it’s time to return something valuable. And that is India HR LIVE.


Every day when I interact with HR professionals across the globe, there is always some one who comes up to me asking for various subject matter experts to connect with from India. They want to know the trends in Indian HR industry, get to know the leading HR vendors, want to know how India embraces the latest tools and technologies and many more questions. And I am sure you would want to know the best practices in HR across the world.

So let me connect the dots!

India HR LIVE for the HR community in India is a platform to speak LIVE on Google Plus Hangout about various trends in the HR industry. You can find a LIVE video interview or a panel discussion, every Wednesday at 8:00 pm IST / 9.30 CT for about 30 minutes, focusing on HR aspects to help national and international audience learn from the thoughtful insights and experiences of our guests. The intention is to help HR professionals enhance their knowledge and learn new skills through this platform. Eventually you can find HR experts across the globe joining us and sharing global HR practices.

I hope you will find this initiative useful and use this platform to get to know like minded professionals from India and learn together.

When is the Launch?

I am so glad and humbled to let you all know that India HR LIVE will broadcast it’s first LIVE show on 31st July, Wednesday at 8:00 PM Indian Standard Time/9:30 AM Central Time with our honored guest Yashwant Mahadik, Senior Vice President, Head of HR Indian Subcontinent and Global Chief Learning Officer at Philips Electronics India Ltd and Gautam Ghosh, GM-HR Strategy & project at Philips Electronics India Ltd and he is the #1 sought after HR & Social Media evangelist. Join us while we discuss HR best practices in the Social world! Follow our guests on twitter @IndianYash & @GautamGhosh!

How to watch the LIVE show?

You will be able to watch the LIVE show at the home page of India HR LIVE or our Youtube Channel.

Do you have any questions for our guests, hit the hashtag #IndiaHRLIVE during the LIVE show!!

Look forward to talking to you all soon and can’t wait to hear your thoughts about this initiative.

Your HR Buddy!!

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