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Korean Rapper and viral sensation Psy’s recent music video “Gangnam Style” has inspired many others to make their own version of video. Its crazy out there and people are finding it quiet entertaining!

But when 14 El Monte lifeguards, including their manager, were fired for creating their own version it created quite a news. No matter the fact that they made the video during their breaks and free time or did it for fun, it has not helped save their job.

“Interview with Anand Pillai”

Well, the reason for getting fired is not for making a video. As the statement issued by City of El Monte clarifies – “The reason for firing is not because  of the content of the video but there was a clear unauthorized use of city resources and property including the use of city issued uniforms during the making of this unauthorized video. The City Maintains that it holds all employees to a higher standard”.

Bottom line is simple. Unauthorized use of company properties can get you fired! Before using your company property for anything that is not related to your work get the necessary approval from the authorities. If possible get it in writing because like in the above situation the manager who approved his team to take the video as well got fired and did not even get an opportunity to save his team member’s job too.

Above all that use your common sense. Ask yourself- Are you doing the right thing that  is acceptable?

In my previous blogs here and here I wrote about how Social Media can be used to your and your company’s benefit. And also how it can go wrong. Here is another example of social media, used inappropriately, putting one in a bad situation.

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