What keeps your network engaged

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What keeps your network engaged

One thing I feel so great about my social and blogging life is that I am connected with so many bright minds who are mentors, advocates, peers and I dare to call them my friends. Friends who provide unsolicited advice and show up to support even before being asked for help. And I am so humbled to have them around me.

Making meaningful connections can help you personally and professionally. And I am a strong advocate for that.

But when I say connections, you know I am not talking about the numbers of followers you have on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform for that matter.

I meant people who look out for what you do, encourage you, involve in conversations with you online and offline. And in general you both know that you look up to and help each other.

It’s a two way street and it has its own way of conduct. And that doesn’t include all the crap that is listed below.

  • Thinking that your connections are there to make you famous. – You got it wrong already. Add value, contribute instead.
  • Tagging your connections without asking their permission and assuming they will share, RT and will market your holy crap. – For what? And what’s in it for them?
  • Taking it for granted when someone shares/RTs your post but you don’t give a damn about their work. –  But how long? You don’t even get why people care and what to do about it.
  • Copying others work without their permission, sharing it on your blog and saying that you are promoting their work. It’s not promotion, it’s stealing. And you know it!!

If you are connected with someone like this, you might already know that he is in to win it!

Believe me, I am so particular about who I want to connect with and who I would like to spend my time with.  So when I make a connection I see the synergy in the relationship. Something that I believe I can learn or something where we both can contribute, collaborate, learn and help together.

So support each other, Say a word or two when you like others work. Give credit and earn respect. Connections that lift each other up are the most engaging for me.

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