5 Rules of Employee Engagement

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Come on, an employee doesn’t really care about your struggles to create a fun atmosphere at workplace if the work that he does on a day to day basis is not fascinating to him.

Efforts are always made from the time of inception of an organization to figure out the best practices that could possibly make their employees more engaged. But make sure not to miss the fact that employees care more about their job and their growth within the organization.

I hope you read my article where I talked about employee engagement isn’t all fun activities. I know that conducting fun activities has become a common strategy that some employers follow when they want to engage employees at workplace. But that alone doesn’t cut it!

Here are 5 rules to  help you understand what an employee values most and makes him engaged at workplace!

Clarity: Take some time to help him understand what is expected of him at work and what his contribution mean to you, to your team and especially to the organization. Help him understand how his work is related to the mission of the organization and make him realize that he is adding value to the organization’s growth. 

Opportunity: I am not talking about growth opportunity here but getting the opportunity to do the work that he enjoys and does best every day. Understand what he is passionate about? Is he good at analyzing, is he good at finding solutions or managing customers. Understand their unique skills and then assign responsibilities.

Encouragement and support: Is there someone at work who encourages his development? Is there someone at work who seems to care about him as a person. Do they have colleagues and managers to support them in helping them grow not just in their career alone but as a person as well.

Constructive Feedback: Making him realize what possibly went wrong in his work helps him understand areas of improvement and helps him not just avoid potential mistakes next time but also helps him excel in his career. Talk to him about the progress he made as a team member at least every month. Understand if he is in need of any support and listen to what he has to say as well.

Recognition and growth: Has he frequently received any recognition or praise for doing his job well? Check out how to recognize your employees with impact. Don’t wait long to say a simple thank you or well done. Recognizing the outstanding performers and giving them the opportunity to advance their career within the organization helps them realize that their work is valued and they are part of a winning organization. Give them the opportunity to learn. Have training and mentoring programs that help them evolve into the leadership roles within the organization.

Go ahead and share in the comments below what you value most at your workplace to keep you engaged!

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