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This week I am officially back to my writing schedule. Having spent a wonderful time with my family in India for a month, it was hard for me to get back on track..coz of jet lag!! The fun part of jet lag is waking up at 2 am in the morning and watching Modern Family and going to iHop for an early breakfast after that. I tried my best not to sleep during the day time but I was home sick and sad and so I tried to sleep it off…

Anyhow, the first week of 2014 went just like that and I started getting back to my writing this week. Here are two articles from this week in case you missed: 10 ways to reinvent your talent acquisition strategy & Top 20 shows of DTHR in 2013

HR Trends & podcasts

HireVue Acquired Reschedge

Earlier this week I was following the updates on Hirevue. The leading talent interaction and digital recruiting provider acquired Reschedge, the world’s most advanced interview coordination software. With the acquisition of Reschedge, HireVue customers will be able to leverage its Talent Interaction Platform to automatically schedule live video and in-person interviews, as well as onboarding meetings and other talent events. Read more details here on how Hirevue brings the interview scheduling and coordination into the 21st century with the Reschedge acquisition.

And I had a chance to talk to Scot Sessions, Director of Marketing at HireVue. Listen to my talk with him at DriveThruHR to learn more about Video Interviewing and on how Hirevue clients can provide better candidate Experience now.

2014 Fortune 100 Best Place to Work for

2014 Fortune “100 Best Place to Work for” list is out and the first five companies listed are Google, Sas, The Boston Consulting Group, Edward Jones and Quicken Loans. Get all inside story here!!

Yesterday I had the pleasure to talk to China Gorman, CEO of Great Place to Work Institute, the custodian of this list. Listen to my talk with her at DriveThruHR to get more insights on What it takes to get into the list of Great place to work. What were some of the surprises during the survey and analysis of these top 100 Furtune companies? How to balance the cultural norms when a company is rapidly growing? And can having fun at work be suitable for every work culture?

Yahoo’s Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh is out

Yahoo dumped its COO Henrique de Castro, paying him a huge severance package in the process and Yahoo’s Editor-in-Chief Jai Singh is out as well. Jai Singh was being put under the purview of Kathy Savitt, Yahoo’s head of marketing. Can a Journalist report to the head of Marketing??? Read more about it here

Here are the top blogs of this week

Our biggest problem is awareness” from Seth Godin
How Great Companies Attract Top Talent from Talent Culture
16 great secrets from Best Companies recruiters from CNNmoney
Rapid Growth and Great Workplaces from China Gorman

Have a wonderful weekend to all!!

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