4 positive traits that can get you fired!!

You are currently viewing 4 positive traits that can get you fired!!

Even if employees feel that they are good at their work, some seemingly positive character traits can cost them their job. Sometimes what you consider to be positive can be perceived negatively by others!!

I am a people friendly person: He is too busy creating a friend circle and groups at office that might lead to indifference among employees. Too careless about his work commitments and too involved in making friendships, indulging in telling tales on what’s happening in the next cubicle, gossiping about his boss and coworkers during the work time.

Friendship and socializing at work should not distract employees from doing their work and derail them from contributing towards the organization’s growth. It should rather enforce the values and culture within the organization by sharing your experiences and making the workplace more enjoyable.

I am an expert at grass root issues: He doesn’t really take the ownership of a job. He is not a big picture person and too selective. He is more likely to work on particular things and others should take care of the rest. If any critical projects need to be finished he will show up in the meetings to give pointless suggestions and ideas but won’t wet his hands doing the job.

Now a days managers require employees to go above and beyond in finishing a particular task. They would prefer to have someone who can see through all the issues and prevent them before they ever pop up. If you don’t make yourself valuable with your contributions the company won’t do any favors for you.

I am a social Media person: He is fond of updating his timeline in Facebook, enjoy Retweeting marathons and probably chatting through FaceTime or Gmail during the work hours. If you feel that you would rather be a social media evangelist than doing your crappy job during work hours, it is time for you to quit your job or the company will do it for you.

Reasonable use of company assets for personal use can be ok. But constant online shopping, visiting social networking sites, updating your job search agents etc should be avoided because they very likely monitoring everything you do on your work computer.

I am an aggressive person: He considers displaying his temper as aggressiveness. Getting angry and yelling at a coworker or customer doesn’t show any professionalism but highlights your weakness in managing the situation. Your actions may add stress within the team and no one will be interested in working with you.

Never create a hostile work atmosphere by your actions either through scream at a person or over the phone. This could diminish the reputation of your entire team and hurt your career.

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