Snapchat and Instagram for Employer Branding

You know what will I do when I want to see some inside stories on Corporate culture! I will check @HRCultureclub on Instagram. Stephanie Krieg, Founder of HR Culture club has been doing an amazing job of sharing some unique and interesting inside stories from corporate America. Check it out and you will love it.

Here is an interview at DrivethruHR where William and I had a wonderful conversation with her everything about Organization culture and Employer Branding.

Snapchat and Instagram for Employer Branding

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  • Innovative ways to use SnapChat for employer branding. She suggests to use Snapchat through various innovative ways like Referrals, Scavenger Hunt, Build anticipation for new programs and Recruiting to help promote your employer Brand.
  • What should employers learn and unlearn while using Instagram to promote their Employer Brand
  • Cool things that employers do to make a fun environment at workplace
  • What does Organizational Culture mean to employees in general?

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