Why Recruiters dislike HR and vice versa

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There has always been a disconnect between HR and Recruiter even as the profession evolved.

On one side we have Sourcers and third party recruiters who have a hacker mentality who focus on bringing that purple squirrel, using the boolean search strings and social search tools. But on the other side we have HR and hiring managers who focus more on bringing those talents that will be a great culture fit for their organization.

What’s the reason for that disconnect? Is it lack of focus or lack of collaboration? Anyhow, this can negatively impact the whole hiring process in an organization and most of all it is can effect the ‘Quality of Hire’.

Well, watch India HR LIVE debate on

‘Quality of Hire and Retention – HR’s KPI or Recruiter’s KPI’

with seasoned Recruiters and HR experts…

USA – Derek Zeller, @Derdiver,  Sr IT Corporate Recruiter at Advanced Resources Technologies, Inc.
USA – Janine Truitt, @CzarinaofHR. Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC Founder of The Aristocracy of HR
India – Rajendra Raut, @Rajendraraut, General Manager – HR (Talent Aquisition Group) at WNS Global Services
India – Masood Sayed, @Coresourcing, Sourcing lead, India Service Management Centre of Futurestep
India – Satya Reddy, @SatyareddyA, Recruitment & Sourcing Evangelist, IonIdea
India – Bhaskar Bhattacharya, AVP – CHRHindalco Industries Limited

…And find out their thoughts on below mentioned questions. 

Q1. Why Recruiters dislike HR and vice versa?
Q2. What is stopping HR & Recruiters from collaborating each other to make a quality hire?
Q3. Why do recruiters make blind promises to candidates that HR can’t keep up with?
Q4. Does HR think Recruiters are well equipped to assess the cultural fit of a candidate?
Q5. HR/Recruiters – Who has more control over retaining talent?

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