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 Companies say No to Having an HR Department – A Wall Street Journal article described how some companies are eliminating their HR function. Well here is a snippet on why they intent to ditch HR function.  ’Companies seeking flat management structures and more accountability for employees are frequently taking aim at human resources. Executives say the traditional HR department—which claims dominion over everything from hiring and firing to maintaining workplace diversity—stifles innovation and bogs down businesses with inefficient policies and processes. At the same time, a booming HR software industry has made it easier than ever to automate or outsource personnel-related functions such as payroll and benefits administration.’

Can we replace that human element with automation? or Can HR function be fully outsourced?

When so many of the critical and sensitive tasks related to developing and retaining employees, handling employee relations and compliance are left exclusively in the hands of HR, can a company operate without HR ?

Watch the Google Hangout panel discussion on Can a company operate without HR that originally aired on India HR LIVE show with Global guests –

USA – Michael VanDervort, @MikeVanDervort, CEO and Founder at Grotewerks LLC

India – Anil Kumar Misra, @Just_Dial, VP and Head HR at Just Dial Limited, India

India – Mohan Kannan, @mohankan, Co Founder & CEO at & CEO

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