DriveThruHR HITS Series 2014

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Every day 12 noon CT…30 minutes LIVE On Air…Bryan, William & Nisha.. one guest and what keeps them up at night – That pretty much sums up DriveThruHR right!

The radio show that started out as a lunch time conversation with HR/Recruiting/HRtech professionals has till date aired over 1034 shows and every show is as unique as our guests are. Thanks to our guests for joining us for a lunch conversation and sharing your thoughts and perspectives that makes DriveThruHR a great resource for our listeners to stay current on the HR industry.

And we are humbled and honored to have the support from our audience tuning in to the show and encouraging us to do what we do best.

After having aired over 1000 shows, we then looked at the most famous/listened shows in 2013 -2014. Below is the full list. And next month at DriveThruHR we will be celebrating these shows and you can listen to our #DTHR HITS Series 2013-2014 every day! Stay tuned!

DriveThruHR HITS Series 2014

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