LinkedIn announces Linkedin Recruiter Mobile and Mobile Work With Us

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Studies have shown that about 80 percentage of jobseekers use Mobile Job Search Apps. Your candidates are mobile, So are your jobs and your recruiters?

Here is a turning point in the evolution of social and mobile recruiting as the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn has unveiled two products at Talent Connect Las Vegas – Mobile Work With Us and Recruiter Mobile. You now have the ability to engage the best talent from anywhere and anytime at your fingertips. As Parker Barille mentioned, 33 percent of LinkedIn members access the professional social network via mobile channel and more than 30 percent of LinkedIn job views also stem from mobile. It is obvious for the employers that going mobile is now and the future.

Mobile Work With Us turns every employee into a brand ambassador, as it helps attract passive candidates by showcasing your job opening on your employees profile. Wise move to attract the employee’s network connections to discover the jobs in your organization when they visit your employee’s profile on mobile.

LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile – a mobile app that helps recruiters interact with candidates and hiring managers while they are on the go and provides tools such as targeted candidate search, send InMail, call, text, take notes during screening calls and save them on the candidate’s profile. With this app recruiters can track the updates on job openings, review candidate’s profile and move shortlisted candidates to a specific folder and forward candidate’s profiles to hiring managers. If you like the profile of the candidate, these tools help you connect and communicate with candidates right then. Makes the recruiters much more productive  as they don’t need to be at their desk or in office to close the lead. Find out more details over here!

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