My talk about the disconnect between Online and Offline Persona!

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Oh yes, I have experienced that awkward moment! Have you ever experienced the same anytime?

I use social media to connect with a lot of like minded HR professionals and thought leaders across the world. With most of them I haven’t had a chance to meet them face to face in real life. And taking that online connection to a real life experience is exciting when you meet them face to face, shake their hands and have a real conversation. I had that many of those through last couple of years. And I must say I am honored and humbled to have spent my time with them.

My experience with everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. There is so much you can learn about a person when you have a conversation in real life than when you share some of their tweets or Facebook updates or comment on their blog or whatever. And the relationship gets stronger from there!

But at the same time, I found some disconnect between online and real life experience with a few! Why does that happen and how to keep the conversation going in a networking moment and make the real life experience much more exciting for both parties? How to continue to present yourself in real life just as you would in social media?

Click this link to listen! My partner William Tincup and I talked about this on the DriveThruHR show broadcasted during Lousiana SHRM conference 2013!

Stay tuned for next week to watch my video interview series with Dwane Lay, Doug Shaw & Jennifer McClure!

Enjoy your long weekend.

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