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Reader’s question of the week:

I wanted to ask your opinion about whether you thought it was better to apply for a position via the company’s direct website or through the alternate job board (such as LinkedIn) where it may also be simultaneously posted. It may not make a difference, and of course some of the job boards will feed you directly to the ATS of the employer. I didn’t know though which route might give you better chance of exposure if you had more than one option.

Appreciate you for reaching out to me! That is a valid question and sometimes candidates get confused on where to apply for a particular opening. When you want your resume to be looked up and noticed by recruiters and not just disappearing into a black hole, considering where to apply is very vital.

In fact you are right! Both resources can feed you directly to the ATS. But to help you make a decision I would suggest:

 1) If your LinkedIn profile exactly mirrors  your resume then definitely go for it.

A partially updated linkedIn profile can turn off your recruiters and your job application can get rejected when they don’t see a match between the job description and your LinkedIn profile

So keep your linkedIn profile completely updated and make sure it showcases all your skills & experiences related to the type of job profiles you are looking for.

Now a days some job boards and job descriptions disclose who will be the interviewers and potential immediate managers that you would even work with. Utilize this opportunity to connect with them and let them know you are interested in that job profile and why would you be a better fit for their organization. This way you can get a better exposure and make sure your resume has been looked up and stands out.

2) If your LinkedIn profile is not fully updated but you have a detailed resume that shows all your key competencies suitable for the job profile then apply through company website. 

But here you won’t get a chance to connect with recruiters directly like you have with LinkedIn. So why wouldn’t you want to utilize what LinkedIn offers!

Don’t you want to connect with person behind the process! The real recruiters! What better way to create an impact and leave a positive impression. Think about it!

And know that recruiters are highly active on social media and use different platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook to find their candidates. So keep at least your LinkedIn profile completely updated.

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