Create a Recognition Culture!

And here comes yet another Employee Appreciation Day, the day dedicated to recognize your employees!!

But are they really being recognized and has your recognition impacted them positively to engage them more? Ask yourself!

I know HR would probably be a little busy today searching on internet on how to celebrate this special day, handing over employee appreciation cards to everyone at their organization, sending out motivational quotes and mails and reaching out to them to play trivia games!! Huh, the worst I heard is them distributing chocolates to employees! Oh, come on! Don’t you see, your employees can smell your plans when the HR lady comes marching at their workstation more than they normally do. Or even rarely even do!

And how about that deliberate lunch invite by managers on this particular day. Don’t be that manager who appreciates their team just for the sake of doing it or because your HR insisted you to do it!

Rather make it an ongoing process. If you really value the efforts of your employees and feel that every one of them provides a great value to your organization’s culture, then engage them by creating a recognition culture in your organization. Leaders should model that behavior by appreciating great work the moment they see it and not wait till you get an official email for it. And train your managers on how to reflect that behavior to positively impact the bottom line.

Remember employees recognized are employees engaged. It’s a great feeling to work with that organization & manager who really appreciates the contribution that one brings to the table. Knowing that they even encourage to take risks to go that extra mile and that mistakes are accepted can make your employees more committed and responsible. So what are you waiting for!

Recognize your employees-with impact. By doing it timely manner and saying it like you really mean it. Check out my guest post at Performance I Create to read more about this.

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