What does your HR brand say?

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Are we, HR, perceived as we deserve to be? Oh Yeah, you heard me, I am sure you might have thought about this at least once in your HR career, may be more than that. Haven’t you?

In fact this can be a tough question for those who are totally in love with the profession, knowing that your employees hate you and probably the whole HR team. And it happens because we are the ones who have to deliver bad news and enforces rule as per policies and procedures. And to add fuel to the fire what if one of us acts indifferently. A friend of mine was sharing about this on Facebook – how employees wrongly perceive the whole HR team just because of a bad experience with one of her HR team members.

Actually I realized this in at the very early stage of my career and it was bit of a hard experience to digest but eventually things started getting better and better by working together towards creating a positive impact.

But looking back I feel all HR, even starting at their entry level, should be trained on not just on how to become a support oriented professional but how to communicate to your employees in their language while keeping your business goals in mind.

Here are a few points which I feel will help us avoid any pitfalls.

  • HR should represent the person behind the process not the other way.
  • HR should focus more on the outcome rather than on process and procedures.
  • HR should be trained enough to have a business acumen and know how their work can relate to achieving business goals.
  • HR should increase their presence and visibility by reaching out to where their employees are.
  • HR should have an expertise and knowledge on the subject that they deal with and reflect it when you answer questions or follow ups from employees.
  • HR should build a trusting relationship between employees and employer by connecting with them and sharing why things happen the way that they do in the organization.
  • All HR should be educated on strategic goals, on how to track progress, what does the turnover rate say, Employee satisfaction, Cost per hire etc.
  • HR should treat their employees like the organization treats their customers.
  • HR shouldn’t get busy on paper work rather get busy on engaging talent in their organization.
  • HR should be more personable, friendly and approachable.

So what does your HR brand say! Did I miss something, then share it in the comments

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