2012: A Year in Review

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I am at the gate way of 2013 as are you! Looking back, It has been a wonderful year.

As we are heading ahead to a new year it’s always worth to take a moment, look back and see how the past year went! And it’s always motivating for anyone to see their hard work and dedication recognized and appreciated! So sharing my happiness with you all is much needed as I would never have reached this far without your support. And here we go….

I am so proud to announce that Your HR Buddy has been listed as the ‘Top 25 Must Read HR Blogs in 2013‘ by PayScale!

And I am extremely glad to see my writings being noticed and shared by fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo, Geico, Taco Bell, Sodexo & Pizza Hut and also to see them recognize Your HR Buddy’s blog in their mentions

Thanks & Gratitude 

Thoughout 2012 I read a lot, learned a lot, stretched outside of my comfort zone and did some video interviewing. Attended a few conferences and put myself out there to meet other HR professionals and Social Media experts! I must tell you the real life experiences and connections are much more exciting for me after having followed them on social media for a while.

I attended Talent Net Live Conference and met people, that I admire on Social Media, in real life. I met amazing speakers, writers & HR leaders like Craig Fisher, @FishdogsFounder of Talent Net Live, John Sumser, @johnsumser – Founder of HR Examiner, Chris Hoyt, @TheRecruiterGuy– Talent Engagement & Marketing leader at PepsiCo,  William Tincup @williamtincup– DriveThruHR Co-host, and many others who are real change agents in the HR profession. Here a link to watch my video interview with Chris Hoyt!

I had an amazing opportunity to meet and get interesting insights from Jessica Merrell @blogging4jobs, founder of Blogging4jobs. Here is the link of video interview with Jessica!

Had a wonderful time with Bryan Wempen @bryanwempen, Co-host of DriveThruHR & with Lois Melbourne @loismelbourne, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Aquire

I loved it when I received a surprise call from Steve Browne @Sbrownehr – writer at Everyday People & had a fun chat with Chris Fields @new_resource, blogger at Costofwork & Melissa Fairman @HRremix, blogger at HRremix

Thanks to everyone for the time that you spent with me and for your valuable support & insights!

Most of all, my sincere thanks to all of my readers,Twitter followers & Facebook fans for your unconditional support by reading and sharing the contents that I bring to the table! Thank you for making me believe that I can make a difference and making me committed to what I do and challenging me to do more!

Stay tuned! 2013 will be more fun & interesting as you read more of a Global HR & Social Media content. Send me your feedback,  feel free to comment on my articles here and I appreciate your continued support in future.

You all have a great year ahead!

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