10 ways to have better work relationships

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Relationship is the one thing that helps us move ahead, no matter if it is your personal life or in business. Strong workplace relationships increase employee morale, boost engagement and improves productivity. A healthy work relationship encourages sharing ideas and suggestions, fosters camaraderie, adds value to the entire organization and helps avoid workplace stress as well. Here are few tips that can come in handy to maintain a better workplace relationship.

Don’t invade into their privacy: You might be a good friend to your coworker who often shares his personal stories with you. But this doesn’t mean that you have the right to disturb his privacy. After giving your suggestion, in regards to his personal life, if he decides not to take your advice, leave it at that. Don’t jump into his space and force him to make decisions in his personal life even if you feel that it will benefit him. This could make him uncomfortable working with you. As an example a coworker who is going through a divorce may not be interested in narrating his entire story to you and might not show interest in the person who you tried to set him up with.

Don’t take things for granted: Taking other’s support and effort for granted has become so common in the competitive workplace. But avoiding that and recognizing the support with an appreciation can go a long way. E.g. If a coworker has voluntarily helped you when you are in need of support, appreciate and recognize that support and remember that you owe him something in return.

Never refuse to get to know your team: We all understand that you are busy with your work but take some time to get to know the people you work with. By sharing your personal stories and knowing what is common to each other in your team will help you to understand what makes them special. Take some time to attend that lunch meeting or birthday parties where you can get to know your colleagues better and share some funny moments.

Respect each other irrespective of hierarchy: No matter if you’re a CEO or a trainee within your organization, respect each other’s values and dignity and don’t discriminate in your attitude towards people based on their job level in the organization. Everyone’s contribution is equally important.

Own up to your mistakes: No matter if your mistakes are small or big, don’t leave an impression of not caring about your mistakes.  Lets say that your project was delayed because of mistakes you made, when time comes for a project review make a point that you acknowledge it as an area of improvement. It is always better to say a quick “sorry about that” in the corporate world that can help build trust. Apologize in private and appreciate in public, that helps in building relationships without burning bridges.

Stop stealing the credit of a coworker: Don’t steal the credit for work done by your coworker. I don’t think I need to explain this one. If you try to make things too effortless for you it will hurt your career and it will lead you no where.

Give Honest Feedback: This doesn’t mean saying what your coworker wants to hear but saying the real truth and giving feedback about their work where they can see the areas of improvement. Avoid sugarcoating and encourage constructive criticism that can help grow the team successfully. This will help give valuable suggestions to each other that can add value to the team’s work

A little thank you can go a long way: Don’t forget to ‘THANK’ your colleagues or co-workers who have helped you in completing an assignment. Make an impact by thanking or appreciating each other at work. Including your manager when sending a ‘Thank You’ note to your colleague helps your manager realize your coworker’s effort.

Avoid Gossips: It is never healthy to indulge in or initiate any gossips in workplace. Gossiping and rumor-mongering add stress to the workplace and it can hurt your career. Don’t encourage it, rather focus on being productive and bonding relationships with your coworkers.

Stop being so defensive: Stop trying to defend yourself and rather make an effort to understand the situation that made your coworkers to act the way they did. Being defensive can kill relationships and other people may find it hard to be around you. This might prevent you from learning new skills from others and lose opportunities as well.


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