What is the best piece of career advice you ever received?

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When you think of your career success, what comes to your mind? Throughout our career journey we get a lot of career advices. It can be professional and some times personal too. There can be a few advices which leave a deep impact on us during our most challenging moments. Those wisdom of words help you get though your career and life and that could be the best piece of career advice you ever received.

Well here are a few when I asked the leaders of DallasHR about the best piece of career advice they ever received.

Kimberly Scott
Director of Human Resources
Gemmy Industries, Corp.

‘The first piece of HR career advice I was given was 1. Don’t mess with people’s money, and 2. Don’t mess with their benefits. Great advice I still share today.A few years later, I was told “Always go into a meeting with an olive branch in one hand and a loaded pistol in the other.” When I asked why I was told, “Because you never know which one you’ll need.” ūüėČ Personally, the olive branch has been utilized much more often and is quite effective.’

Fred Hensley, LJ Strategies, Inc.

‘The best advice I ever received was to always continue to learn. Whether it is technical knowledge, management skills or personal growth, put forth the effort to learn something new every day’.

Mark M Boyd
Director, Human Resources
VLSIP Technologies, Inc.

‘Being in the HR world can be challenging and frustrating. The best piece of advice from a great boss was to always “Take the high road”. This will get you through a lot of difficult situations’.

Tiffaney Kuper
Benefits Analyst
Nebraska Furniture Mart

The first piece of work advice I ever received was to always carry a piece of paper when you walk around because people will know you are working hard. The most important career advice I have received is to always provide more than what they are looking for. Often times in HR, the answer is no. Instead of saying “no”; you can find alternatives and be empathetic. “Our research doesn’t support giving your employee a raise. I like that you are looking out for your employees and perhaps we could sit down and review their duties to make sure their title and pay accurately reflect what they do here”.

Angela Primiano
HR Business Partner
Children’s Medical Center

‘Do what scares you.”One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received has been applicable both professionally and personally. Conquering a fear is extremely empowering, gives you new perspective, and enables you to accomplish feats that were previously overwhelming.’

Jane Layton
Director of Human Resources
The Cooper Institute

I ran across this blog advice and really liked it http://blog.penelopetrunk.com/2007/12/18/bad-career-advice-do-what-you-love/ I like to say “Career decisions are about what kind of life do I want to set up for myself”

Larry Cox
Premier Recruiting Associates

Mine is a simple answer: “Always treat people like you want to be treated.”

Nisha Raghavan-Your HR Buddy !!

‘In the beginning of my career my manager told me once that if you want to be successful in your career experience each day as a different day in your life. Look for something new that you can learn and take along with you from each day which will help build your tomorrow. This has helped me to gain my confidence level to handle the things independently and to keep me excited though out my career’.

What is that best piece of career advice you ever received ? please add them to the comments below.

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