Why your competitors star performer failed in your organization

Stealing your competitor’s star performer!! Ok!! I get it, I have done that before and chances are that some of you have as well.

Most often HR is pressured by Managers into playing all sorts of dirty games to hire the top talent from the competitors. Sitting with a new hire to get the database of top talent from his previous employer, offering an informal reward to those who refer and bring competitor’s A players and what not! (more…)

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TOP 50 shows in DriveThruHR history

DrivethruHR podcasts have been the best resources for our audience to stay current on what’s happening in the HR industry. And the things that have been keeping our guests up at night and the experiences that they share on our show have been an amazing way to learn from other HR peeps!

As of now the #1 internet radio show for the HR professionals has aired over 824 shows! And as we do great work to contribute to the community, here are the Top 50 shows that our audience has listened to the most. (more…)

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The Role of Social Media in Hiring

Your HR Buddy is honored to have the amazing voices in the HR space joining us to share their insights. And this time we have Greg Moran  founder and CEO of Chequed.com talks about decline of the Paper Resume and Rise of the Social Media Interview!

Let’s face it- if the paper resume isn’t already dead, it’s well on its way out the door.

With the ever-amounting popularity of social media and its critical role as a primary communication vehicle for today’s masses, it’s no surprise that Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms have become a professional pillar in talent selection as well.

Today’s job seekers are throwing their traditional resumes in the recycling bin to focus their efforts on the maintenance of their social presence, or “social footprint.” In order to set themselves apart from other candidates in a personalized and meaningful way, applicants are now relying on social media platforms to showcase their professional knowledge and experience – and with good reason. (more…)

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Barriers for International Recruitment!

Being from an Indian family where 80 percent of men are working in the middle east and some others in US, I pretty much know how their international job search process was.

It was a choice that my family members preferred considering the broader experience that they can get and prospects for career development. But more than that the obvious factor is the opportunity to obtain a more lucrative salary and benefits which can be almost 4 times more than they can get from their home land. Now you know why they sacrificed their time with family and which is an whole another story that I can pull it in another blog. But here I would like to target the barriers that recruiters face when they do international recruitment. (more…)

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