10 things to reinvent your talent acquisition strategy

Be a start up, Small Business or a Fortune organization, having a winning talent acquisition strategy and wonderful brand ambassadors can help you attract the right talent to your organization.

Latest social tools and technologies and new ways of finding talent through social recruiting, talent communities or through various recruiting platforms are always emerging. And talent attraction has become more competitive than ever. It is time for you to rethink your talent acquisition strategy in a way to attract top talent to your organization.

Here are a few points that can help reinvent your talent acquisition strategy!

Build your Employer brand

If you haven’t taken it seriously, it is time for you to ensure that you are building your employer brand to attract talent. Develop your employee value proposition and create a message that aligns with your corporate brand and tells why someone should join your company. Communicating your employer brand can help answer most of the questions that can arises among candidates like “Why your employees want to work with you”, “What is unique about your organizations culture” and “How it is like to work at your organization”. A well articulated employer branding message can attract candidates and make the recruiter’s job much easier.

Make employees your Brand ambassadors

Creating an employer brand is not enough; let everyone in the organization live your brand values in a way that represents the brand. Make your employees feel connected to the corporate brand, let them know what your organization stands for and how your employee’s role turns your brand aspirations to reality. Be it the recruiter talking to a candidate or a front line sales employee talking to a customer. The culture of the organization should be felt in every interaction. Your employees should be your brand ambassadors.

Provide better candidate experience

It is all about treating candidates like humans, respecting their time and interest in applying at your organization and following through on the promises that you made. Remember it is also about transparency. Let them know of the reason for not being selected or why someone is not a right match for the organization. Everybody wants closure so do candidates. Well treated candidates can refer the open position to their network even if they are not selected. Read here on how to build a better candidate experience.

Provide better employment experience

Candidate experience is not enough to attract talent but let them know that the same experience continues even when they become an employee at your organization.  As I mentioned earlier, your employee value proposition is the promise you make to your employees. If you deliver on that, they are going to be engaged, connected and committed. Engaged employees can attract future engaged employees.

Use social to build relationship

Explore social media to connect and engage with talent pool and create your own talent networks. Use social channels to connect with candidates, have conversations with them, talk about your company culture, provide recruitment or interview tips and ignite the interest in working with you by helping them know more about your organization. Use social tools like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Youtube for branding, Twitter for having a conversation, Facebook and LinkedIn for sourcing!

Revamp your career sites

Get candidates to land and stay on your career page by making it easy to spot and navigate on your website. Promote your career page by providing content with helpful tips and advice for job seekers, inviting them for a Facebook chat/Twitter chat. Incorporating eye catching photos at workplace and videos that shows your culture would be great in this case. Mainly, make it easy for the job seekers to find and apply easily for jobs on your career sites with fewer clicks.

Go Mobile 

Traditional marketing and talent acquisition process has to keep up the needs of consumers and candidates who want to access any information on the go. Time and accessibility are competitive factors when it comes to helping your job seekers explore the possibilities at your organization. 77% of job seekers use mobile search apps so making your career site mobile friendly and being able to access your jobs on the go is wise.  Make the ‘Apply’ link/button easy to find and make the job applying an easier experience for the candidates.

Hire for the culture fit

Hire for Culture vs. Competency has been a conservation lately. I would say never compromise on the culture because we can train one for learning new skills but changing one’s attitude can be so hard. Hiring decisions that fit your culture will lead to employee satisfaction, engaged employees, customer satisfaction, productivity and growth. Employees who fit in your culture would refer someone that they are comfortable to work with. And adds to your culture.

Work on big data analysis

Of course, you don’t need to be a guru to learn your data. It is about measuring the right data that help you make informed decisions. Lisa Johnson, Director of Recruiting (North America), Gate Gourmet, mentioned using big data analysis helped them know the applicants are heavily clustered across various geographies. But also that they were easily able to track the location where most hires resulted from. They became much more productive, efficient and stopped wasting time and money sourcing candidates from areas that did not bring good results.

Hire a Recruitment Marketing expert

It is time to explore some tactics and revolutionize your recruitment marketing efforts by incorporating Social, Mobile and Automation. Recruitment marketing experts can advice you on how to get your word out effectively by using social channels, how to make your career sites search engine optimized so your jobs show up on the search results, how to make your career sites mobile friendly, and even how to use your time wisely by using automated communication campaigns.

So what have you planned to reinvent your talent acquisition strategy? What is working for you and what is not working for you? Leave a comment! Would love to hear from you.

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