Quit resolutions and set goals

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Last week I took the ‘Your Turn Challenge‘ and committed to write 7 days straight. Here I am, it makes me feel like a winner by having this post live on web.

Well, I wanted to get back to my writing schedule so badly after a long break. And having me back again makes me feel so good already. I found that I can write everyday and it is not that hard. It need not be an elaborate blog but putting down my thoughts in a structured and precise manner is doable everyday. Be it 50-100 words or 300-600 words, I am happy as long as I am able to connect with you all and you can get at least one nugget from each post.

Quit resolutions and set goals

I don’t like making long list of resolutions and not being able to commit to it.

Time and time again people make resolutions at the beginning of the year. Out of all resolutions I have ever heard so far, the interesting and most common one is about health. For example, I will go to gym every day, will reduce weight and get slimmer, will work on my weakness and quit eating chocolates and junk food…. Oh my gosh, you can see a fully packed gym in January and can’t even get a treadmill or a bicycle to get on.

  • After all can you be a whole new person all of a sudden? I dont think so.
  • Can you keep up a health routine which you haven’t put into practice until then? May be!
  • Can you change everything about your food habits and regular routines so quickly? Really a tough deal!
  • But can you make changes by taking small steps everyday and eventually you become ok with that? It’s a definite YES!

Set goals and commit yourself.

When you set a personal goal, the interesting thing about it is nobody else will push you to commit to it but yourself. You have got to be determined, patient and persistently try to accomplish it by breaking down the goal into smaller targets.

Yes, take small steps every day. Set goals, small goals but SMART goals that you think is achievable. Write it down and work towards achieving it one by one. Start slowly and don’t push yourself so hard. Do it with love, and enjoy the experience you go through while making small accomplishments. And I am sure you will see yourself celebrating the big day just Iike I am celebrating now completing my 7th day of Yourturnchallenge.

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