Leveraging Social and Mobile for Training

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Leveraging Social and Mobile for Training

Sharlyn Lauby’s HR Bartender blog is one of my top favorite HR blogs out there. And I had the honor to interview her at DriveThruHR where she talked about some of the latest trends in the training space by involving social and mobile. Sharlyn Lauby is SPHR, CPLP, President of ITM Group Inc, Leadership/Management Training, Organizational Development and HR Consulting expert . Connect with her on twitter @Sharlyn_lauby

Listen to know more about-

  • Some tools that could help you do training much easier and interesting than traditional training.
  • Where does innovation happen in training and how to get HR professionals to embrace the latest tools?
  • How is mobile going to be a part of the training conversation?
  • Why you can’t fix every problem with training
  • What are some questions that you should ask to know if there is a need for training.

Click the below link to listen to the show:
Leveraging Social and Mobile for Training – Sharlyn Lauby

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