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If your cell phone rings during a job interview you are going to make your interviewer angry! But what if your mobile phone has it’s ring tone set to the sound of your dogs barking and were to ring during the interview. It can be nerve wrecking and you might even regret keeping that ring tone of your lovely dog barking! Right? But it might give the interviewer a glimpse into your personality.

There are interviewers who look at your personal side too before they hire someone. The above incident was shared by Robert Chavez, CEO of Hermès US when talking about the story of hiring a candidate many years ago.


He says.

When it comes to hiring at Hermes we look for people that have a sense of humor and try to understand the personal side of them by asking questions like “What is important to you?” during the interview. You can teach your employees all the systems in the company but you cannot teach them how to smile. It has to come naturally. Knowing something that is important to the candidate outside of their work is the key to getting to know his personal side.

It’s true, no matter what the job description says, you get hired not just for getting a job done but also for your personality. And how it relates to the experience that you bring to the table and the value you can add to the organization!

And when you hire happy, energetic and optimistic employees they help build better work relationships in which employees and even other business partners are happy. It is all about a cultural fit when you talk about organization or even a personal relationship.

Bottom line is really trying to figure out what qualities of you can help drive the business. For example: Can your friendly and upbeat nature help nurture the culture of an organization like Disney by providing a gracious & joyful experience to parents and kids who visit them. So, understand the culture of the organization and help recruiters know your personality by sharing unique stories about you that can relate to the position you apply for.

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