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“Work has evolved from something we did to survive to something that defines us. It is more than just a source of income; giving us a strong sense of service and contribution to society and providing stature and dignity. If we are engaged at work, it spills over into the rest of our lives. And the more we perceive our work as meaningful, the more engaged and productive we are, and so the greater our relevance will be in the workplace. The world today is changing almost faster than we can keep up, and this is also true of the workplace. In light of these trends, we need to ask ourselves the following question: What are the skills I need to maximize my engagement in both work and life and enable me to do my best for my family and myself?”

Watch my Google Hangout Interview with Rudy Karsan General Manager Kenexa and Smarter Workforce at IBMwhere he talks about Mega skills, Employee Engagement and HR skills to succeed in the future. This interview was originally aired on India HR LIVE show, 

Must have skills for HR pros to succeed in the future

A lot of HR practitioners have tended to become cowards, if there is one attribute that I would beg the HR community to develop in this new world that would be courage.

Have the courage of your convictions. understand the data, be willing to take a stand on issues, be willing to do what’s the right thing for your enterprise. Start to develop that innate courage that it takes to hold your position and hold your ground on issues.

So if the HR community which is now for generations and for decades being at the doormat of the organization, if those individuals stand up and become accounted, then I believe that HR will be where it’s destiny means it to be. Which is right at the C-suite, helping an enterprise, make strategic decisions based on its people in order to service it’s customers. So develop courage and learn your position. But make sure you are well equipped to do so before your get there. – Rudy Karsan

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