Thanks a Zillion – Appreciate each other!!

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It really sucks when someone is not appreciated when it’s due!!

It’s not necessary that someone should achieve a remarkable success for us to appreciate their job. In day to day work a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Well done’ compliment to your team members or colleagues goes a long way to boost them up in their work.

But sometimes you might leave that to a right moment or an occasion where everybody gathers together to appreciate someone’s efforts. Or sometimes you might want senior manager/management to appreciate your team member publicly and wait for them, but by this time your team member’s anticipation might have waned already and this often ends up in less impact in motivating your team.

Having understood this we (in my previous company) made a shrewd move of having handy an appreciation card named ‘Thanks a Zillion’ that can be used at any level within the organization and looks classy too. We distributed this card to all functional heads and they made available this to all their team by keeping the bunch of cards in a common place close to everyone’s cubicle.

Employees were able to appreciate each other irrespective of their functions and hierarchy. An employee from marketing department who closely works with the customer care department could express his gratitude for help rendered to him in completing a project. In the above picture a manager appreciates the accurate MIS reports provided by one of his team members even under tremendous pressure.

A boring long mail was replaced with appreciation cards that everyone showcased in their workstation. Employees liked this way of expressing their gratitude in a fun and authentic way.

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What do you do to appreciate one another!!

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