Performance Appraisals Tips for Managers and Employees

It’s time for annual performance appraisal in many organizations. Managers and employees are equally busy and often feel dreadful to go through this period as the discussions are going to be uncomfortable for both.

But here are a few nuggets that I have written a while ago and wanted to share with you to help you along.

Performance Appraisals Tips for Managers 

10 mistakes managers make during performance reviews

There is no single process that is more dreadful, stressful and creates a feeling of unfairness among workforce than Performance reviews.  Making your next appraisal review process less tiresome means having a meaningful and measurable process that provides enhanced output and engages employees.

And Managers play a great role in getting that measurable outcome from the performance review process and keeping your employees engaged. Read More

Why Performance Management doesn’t increase productivity?

Your employees deserve more than a one day of judgement. They expect you to be their mentor or coach who provides constructive feedback that inspires them do better. They want you to be more transparent and help them succeed in their career. Read more 

How to Conduct an Effective Performance Review

The information communicated and how it is delivered by a supervisor are important to both the manager and the employee being reviewed. Finding an effective way to handle a performance review benefits the employee and the company in two ways: (1) the performance review becomes a great guidance tool for the manager and employee; and (2) an effective performance review avoids bigger personnel problems later on. Read more

Performance Appraisals Tips for HR and Managers 

How not to make Performance appraisal tiresome this year

When you look at the Return on Investment (ROI), out of the time and effort that you spent to completing the process, both managers and employees would agree that it ended up with no value! And you are wondering what changes could make this dreadful and tiresome process into something valuable and welcomed by all. Read more

Performance Appraisals Tips for Employees

How to make Performance Appraisals work for you !!

Performance appraisal period is always a nerve wracking time for most of us. You work hard for the past one year and the effort is getting judged on a single day based on few sentences captured in an excel sheet or a portal somewhere. Strangely enough, I have seen clashes between employees and managers at the time of the appraisal due to communication gaps between them. Then you realize UH-OH! my manager’s expectations were different from mine? You just screwed up!! Read more


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