5 HR experts share their favorite interview question to ask

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There is no certainty on what questions you will be asked during a job interview. But preparing yourself in advance for how to answer those behavioral interview questions can make or break your job interview. Recruiters and hiring managers can put you on the spot by asking some of their favorite questions that you might not have expected! And how well you answer can help them know if you are a right fit or not!

Here are the favorite interview questions of 5 HR experts

Sharlyn LaubySharlyn Lauby, SPHR, CPLP

President of ITM Group Inc, Author of HR Bartender


Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you did not personally like.

“The answer to this question can tell you volumes about the type of people the candidate enjoys working with, who they don’t enjoy working with, and how they handle uncomfortable situations. All great things to know when evaluating how someone will acclimate into your corporate culture.”, says, Sharlyn Lauby. Check it out, she wrote about it here in her blog, be sure to read the comments too!

Jay KuhnsJay Kuhns, SPHR

Vice President, Human Resources All Children’s Hospital, Author of the blog Noexcuseshr


Tell me about a conflict you had with a peer and how YOU resolved it?

Answering this can help the hiring manager know the candidate’s skills in problem solving and how important a work relationship is to them. It can also help us know the ability of the candidate in addressing a conflict, maintaining work relationship by openly discussing the issue with their peers, tackling the problem with a combined effort and how soon can he get back on track.

Tiffany KuehlTiffany Kuehl, PHR

Staffing Leader at Honeywell, Blogger at Performance I Create


Why do you want to work here?

I know people are interviewing for a job, but I want to know if they are truly interested in the company, not just the job. I want to see if there is a good fit culturally as well as with the candidate’s ability to perform the job. And, if they are just in it for the job, it is likely they will not last. Either they will leave on their own or be performance managed out. says, Tiffany Kuehl.

Melissa FairmanMelissa Fairman, SPHR

HR Generalist, Service Partners and Author of the blog HrRemix


Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager, how did you vocalize your disagreement?

Answering this can help us know the candidate’s ability to voice their opinion and manner in which they would express their disagreement. Would he choose to put up with it/avoid it/openly disagree/address it in private with the manager etc. We can also know how well a candidate was able to articulate the issue in hand and how well did he communicate it.

Chris FieldsChristopher Fields, MLHR

Expert Resume Writer at ResumeCrusade.com


How much money do you want?” “When can you start?”

Although we downplay it..its the REAL reason why we go to work. If the boss stopped cutting you a check, you would quit! says, Chris Fields.

After all money matters. Most of us think it is a tricky one, whether to negotiate or go for more. You should know what is your worth and how well can you contribute. Check the standard salary for your role at Salary.com. And if what is proposed is reasonable, go for it. Preparing for this question in advance and communicating your expectations can help you avoid any salary negotiations risks.

What’s your favorite interview question to ask? And why? Would love to hear from you!

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